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Deploying effective data governance to achieve key business priorities

Do businesses require additional support to construct and deliver on data governance?

With more data available to us today than ever before and the volume continuing to grow exponentially, companies are looking to unlock the power of data. To do this effectively, companies need reliable data enabled by strong governance. The consequences of a compromise are just too large not to focus on. For example, adopting a relaxed approach to governance can increase a company’s risk of data breaches, ransomware, and unexpected data loss, all of which can introduce reputational risk to a company.

The challenge is that some companies may not recognise the value that a sound governance model can create. In a Deloitte Dbriefs polling survey gathering organisational insights on key business priorities and data governance, only 11% of respondents indicated that they have a strong governance structure currently in place, and only 10% believed that finance data governance is a key benefit to the organisation (figure 1).

A strong data governance program can help safeguard companies against data breaches and contribute toward achieving shared goals. In the age of digital transformation, data is an asset and although challenging at times, when managed appropriately, companies can define a data strategy to support the realisation of organisational goals.

Adopting a tailored data governance model is key to scaling the use of data in a consistent and reliable manner. Are you ready to tap into the power of your data?


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Creative:  Jagan Mohan and Govindh Raj

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