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The Future of Warfighting

The Deloitte Center for Government Insights is undertaking a yearlong research project focused on helping defense organizations prepare for the next 15 years of defense challenges. While defense challenges are ever shifting, our research has identified interoperability—within militaries, within government, between nations, and with industry—as being key to meeting uncertain threats.

Through more than 60 specialists representing 12 countries across North America, Europe and Asia, this project will produce more than a dozen insights articles offering ways of improving interoperability across key military areas. Research will detail how specific defense organisations can improve interoperability across defense challenges based on country-level expertise. The four leading defense challenges assessed from strategy documents of 12 countries across North America, Europe and Asia include near-peer/peer warfare, gray zone threats particularly from technology, limited scale warfare and defending the rules-based international order. The goal is to not only promote discussion at the international and intra-national levels, but demonstrate, in part, how greater interoperability can be realised.

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