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Reykjavik Global Forum – Women Leaders
Tuesday, 19 November 2019 11:35 PM EAST

Past Event


19 - 20 Nov.

11:35 pm EAST

Reykjavik Global Forum – Women Leaders

Deloitte and the 2019 Reykjavik Global Forum

By supporting initiatives like The Reykjavik Global Forum, Deloitte does more than just promote diversity and inclusion. We advance the discussion on topics such as examining the root causes of barriers to progress, advancing women to leadership positions, creating workplace policies that support women, and preparing the next generation of women leaders.

As a Strategic Partner of The Reykjavik Global Forum, Deloitte engaged with collection of global voices, including current heads of state, business and academic luminaries and next generation leaders to discuss and share ideas and solutions to positively develop the number, and increase the power, of women in leadership positions. The event took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, on 18-20 November.

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Deloitte Sessions

As a strategic partner for the second year, Deloitte facilitated one Plenary and two Leaders Talk sessions:

Plenary: Generation disrupted: Earning trust, finding meaning and building skills for the future

Millennials and Gen Zs now make up half of the earth’s population. Together, they account for most of the global workforce. What they think, believe, buy and do or don’t do is disrupting old norms and transforming society. Growing up in a world of accelerated transformation leaves millennials and Gen Zs feeling unsettled about the future. Despite global economic growth, expansion and opportunity, younger generations are wary about the world and their place in it. This uncertainty is reflected in their personal views on business, government, leadership and the need for positive societal change agents. But they remain hopeful and lean on their values as both consumers and employees.

The panel discussion addressed the urgent need for business and government to work collaboratively to support and empower gen Z and millennials. How will business and government bear the shared social responsibility to prepare the next generation of young people for the future? How can they empower women and girls? This panel explored how institutions can join forces to regain the trust of this critical cohort and future through education, skills-building initiatives and beyond.

Moderator and Panelists included:

  • Elaine Quijano (moderator), Anchor for CBSN, the CBS News 24-hour digital streaming network; correspondent for CBS News
  • Michele Parmelee, Global Chief People & Purpose Officer, Deloitte
  • Victoria Budson, Founder and Executive Director of the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) at the Harvard Kennedy School
  • Serena Saunders, Expansion Associate at Pay Our Interns, Running Start Delegate

LeadersTalk: Today’s modern families require a modern workplace

Led by Emma Codd and Pat Daley

From everyday behaviors and attitudes, to expectations about success, to ‘always on, always available’ workplace cultures, this session explored the pervasive beliefs that are impacting both men and women and hindering progress on gender equality. Are the barriers that exist to modernizing the workplace primarily cultural?

Drawing on deep qualitative research and broad quantitative recent research from Canada and the UK, this LeadersTalk examined how organizations can create an inclusive working environment that supports the modern family. The session uncovered the unstated and unchallenged expectations that remain barriers for both men and women. By flipping existing orthodoxies upside down, participants left with actionable insights and a new lens through which to view progress.

Led by Nishita Henry and Anthony Onesto (The Ella Project)

To build an inclusive and tech-savvy workforce of the future requires a new type of hero. A role model for young leaders to aspire to and become – one that is passionate about science, technology, engineering, math and entrepreneurship and can navigate a pathway forward that enables them to have a meaningful and lasting career in their chosen discipline. This LeadersTalk explored the barriers for women entering and building careers in STEM, and the innovative solutions required at each life stage to overcome these challenges, so all women who enter this field can reveal their super powers and be an inspiration to the next generation of heroes.

Women Leaders Global Forum

  • Michele Parmelee | Chief Talent Officer | Deloitte Global
  • Pat Daley | Vice Chair and Inclusion Leader | Deloitte Canada
  • Sunna Einarsdóttir | CFO | Deloitte Iceland
  • Emma Codd | Global Special Advisor | Respect & Inclusion
  • Nishita Henry | Chief Innovation Officer | US Consulting

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