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The Kinetic Enterprise™

As a top global SAP partner and digital transformation leader, Deloitte brings a complete team and set of services for orchestrating your cloud-enabled transformation with SAP® solutions. Discover how we can help you unleash the power of SAP S/4HANA® ERP, SAP industry cloud solutions and other intelligent SAP technologies to build a resilient, disruption-ready enterprise capable of constant evolution—the Kinetic Enterprise™.

The Kinetic Enterprise doesn’t simply react to disruption. It anticipates disruption and stands ready for it—perpetually prepared to harness change and turn it into business value. The ultimate vision? A flexible and resilient enterprise ready to deliver the outcomes that matter most to your business—time and time again. Four qualities power the Kinetic Enterprise, allowing it to continuously act on its opportunities and unlock new business value.

The four pillars of the Kinetic Enterprise™

Clean: Strong and flexible at the core

  • Optimise your business by decommissioning aging legacy systems and embracing a core-to-edge innovation strategy
  • Reduce complexity, risks, and costs by eliminating “islands” of data and apps

Inclusive: Data-driven insights for making a bigger impact

  • More readily transform data into intelligence and insights
  • Maximise human potential and change how work gets done

Intelligent: Cloud-enabled and ready for anything

  • A perpetual state of readiness
  • Leverage cloud technologies and “as a service” capabilities to innovate with extreme agility

Responsive: A connected and empowering ecosystem

  • An inclusive, integrated ecosystem of applications, services and capabilities to extend the impact of transformation

boost your RISE with SAP

boost by Deloitte is a complete set of Deloitte services to streamline your RISE with SAP journey. Worry less about the “how” of transformation and focus more on the “why” of your business—so you can realise value sooner and continuously.

boost includes Deloitte transformation services and solutions across the “advise, implement, operate and innovate” spectrum—all focussed on helping you accelerate cloud-enabled business transformation.

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Gartner: Magic Quadrant for SAP S/4HANA Application Services, Worldwide 2021

Deloitte has been recognised as a Leader in SAP S/4HANA Application Services, Worldwide, Magic Quadrant, 2021 by Gartner for the 7th year in a row

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Deloitte Launches ‘boost’ to Accelerate Cloud-enabled Business Transformation

New approach brings together best of SAP solutions and Deloitte services to support built-to-evolve capabilities and simplify transformation through RISE with SAP

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RISE with SAP: An Interview with Hillrom and Deloitte

Learn how Deloitte and RISE with SAP are helping medical supply Hillrom improve business operations and overall results

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Industry Cloud Solutions

Developed in collaboration with SAP, Deloitte’s industry cloud solutions represent the next evolution for industry-specific functionality, joining a large portfolio of targeted cloud offerings. Among them, our Kinetic Microservices—a collection of more than 60 ready-to-deploy use cases for things like a connected supply chain and intelligently automated “lights out” finance.

When integrated with the broader universe of SAP solutions, Deloitte’s SAP industry cloud solutions can become even more powerful—allowing you to enhance digital capabilities and business value across procurement, supply chain, customer experience, the workforce, and other critical areas.

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360° Consumer View :

Improve your margins by 5-10% by monetizing buying patterns from the data you already own

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Intelligent Spend Management :

Create 2-8% of recurring indirect spend savings with improved insights and controls

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Operations Agility :

Reduce total operations cost by 5% by controlling inventory loss and leakage

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Vehicle Profitability :

Improve vehicle profitability by 1-3% with advanced insights on margin drivers

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Deloitte Announces Industry Cloud Collaboration with SAP

Kinetic Microservices drive business outcomes for automotive, retail, consumer goods, and life sciences companies

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Gartner: Magic Quadrant for SAP S/4HANA Application Services, Worldwide 2021

Deloitte is recognized as a Leader in SAP S4/HANA Application Services for the 7th year in a row

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