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Climate Action Center:

Deloitte Ghana undertakes tree planting exercise at Dodowa

Inspiring Deloitte professionals and the broader community to make responsible climate choices by providing education, tools and resources.

1,100 trees planted on Friday, June 10th, 2022 to curb the impacts of climate change. The rains could not stop our worldclimate agenda! It’s deep rooted in our culture of making an impact that matters, mitigating the impacts of climate change is a monumental task. Yet, we know progress is possible if we act collectively. It is vital that we all (business and society) take urgent and immediate action. The opportunity to create a more sustainable world is at our collective fingertips. We all are compelled to act.


Deloitte Ghana expressed its commitment of impacting the society in which it operates, through community engagement projects.Management and staff of the firm on Friday, June 10th, 2022, as part of the ‘Green Ghana Day’ undertook a tree planting exercise at Dodowa in the Greater Accra region. Our Country Managing Partner, Daniel Kwadwo Owusu, said Deloitte Ghana is committed to impacting society through community initiatives such as Deloitte Graduate Academy, where some graduates are recruited, trained to acquire on the job skills to efficiently and effectively practice in any accounting, finance and auditing firm as well as any corporate institution.

“Our 75 years anniversary celebration is targeted at our staff, alumni, clients and society. Our purpose of making an impact matters. Globally, we have the World Climate programme, which is our strategy to help curb the impact of climate change on our environment.” “We felt it wise to partner with the Forestry Commission during the Ghana Green Day Celebration to carry out our World Class initiative”, Daniel Owusu said. 

On how the exercise will impact on its business, our Country Managing Partner said it will enhance its brand image, adding “It will make society know we are driven by purpose beyond profit.”Deloitte is also considering refurbishing and restocking over seven libraries across the country as part of the Deloitte WorldClass Programme.

The Managing Partner said his outfit is working with a non-governmental organisation to refurbish and restock seven libraries across the country.This is in line with its global initiative to make an impact in society.

“We believe education is an important tool to bridge the gap between the rich and poor in society. Also this initiative is in line with achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals .

Rewrite our future

Though the best time to have planted a tree was 20 years ago, Deloitte Ghana chose to start this journey now. Last year, Deloitte Ghana embarked on a tree planting initiative as part of our 75th Anniversary Celebrations and in line with our WorldClimate position.

On the occasion of Earth Month and Earth Day, we’re excited to share with you the progress we've made and the impact this has had on our environment. We have an incredible opportunity to help shape the world we live in and the environment we leave to future generations.

By planting trees, we are not only reducing the amount of carbon in the air, but we are also helping to restore natural habitats for wildlife and preserving biodiversity. Many thanks to the Forestry Commission of Ghana for embarking on this journey with Deloitte and championing this cause for the country. Climate change is not a choice. It’s billions of them.

The time to act is now. Let’s rewrite the future.

Every day, everyone has a chance to act.

Educating Deloitte people on climate change

Our superpower is our people. That’s why, in a first-of-its-kind among major global organiaations, Deloitte launched a climate learning programme for all 345,000 people worldwide. Developed in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund, the climate learning is designed to engage Deloitte people around the world on the impacts of climate change, inform them about how Deloitte is responding to the climate crisis, and inspire Deloitte people to take action.

The Pledge Tree - A Deloitte Ghana Sustainability Campaign

At Deloitte, we believe it’s crucial to devote time, energy, and resources to the increasing environmental crisis we face as a global community. Our WorldClimate strategy drives responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond. Beyond Earth Month, we have an incredible opportunity to help shape the world we live in and the environment we leave to future generations.

During Earth Month, Deloitte Ghana entreated all Staff to pledge for sustainability. A potted tree was placed at the office, and we pledged for nature, biodiversity, decarbonization and a circular economy.

The best part of this campaign is the tree in the picture, has been planted at the Deloitte Ghana office compound and will grow with us as a firm to serve as a constant reminder of all our pledges.

From the food we consume to what we buy and how we travel, the choices we make have an impact. Take the climate impact quiz to learn more about these impacts and the actions you can take to live more sustainably.