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2023 Global Boardroom Programme Webinar Schedule

Deloitte Global Boardroom Programme discussions are open to Board members and Senior Executives. If you are unable to attend because of time zone differences or scheduling conflicts, please register for the session and we will send you a link to the recording to watch at your convenience.

The Great Resignation, quiet-quitting, pandemic-related convulsions in the workforce: in the post-pandemic economy, Talent is on the Board’s agenda as never before. But how do the best boards work with management, the CHRO and the rest of the HR and Talent team to bring these issues to the fore? How can board members’ experiences elsewhere usefully be brought to bear?

Join our distinguished panel, which includes Jean-Christophe Deslarzes, Chair, Adecco Group and Constellium; Michael Fraccaro, Chief People Officer, Mastercard Inc; Bernard Ramanantsoa, Board member, Orange Belgium SA, Dean Emeritus HEC Paris and Lynn Utter, Board member, Vista Outdoor Inc., Lincoln National Corp, Operating Partner, Atlas Holdings LLC to learn more.

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2023 saw devastation in eastern Europe, rising tensions between China and the US, high energy costs and food security concerns driven by the war in Ukraine. As we look towards 2024, what geopolitical landscape should companies expect? How will the looming US Presidential election affect the geopolitical landscape? What can we expect from Europe and an expanded NATO? What will happen inside Russia? How is China thinking about its role in the world? In this discussion, we will explore emerging geopolitical themes in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific that boards should consider as they look forward to 2024.

Our distinguished panel includes Anthony L Gardner, US Ambassador to the European Union (2014-2017); Second Vice-chair, Iberdrola, Executive Adviser, Brookfield Asset Management, Senior Adviser, Brunswick Group; Shahira Knight, Deloitte US Managing Principal of Policy & Government Relations, former Director of White House Legislative Affairs and Han-Koo Yeo Minister for Trade of South Korea (2021-2022).

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The US Economy in 2024: If the US Sneezes, will the world catch a cold? - After a year marked by modest growth, inflationary pressures, and ever-increasing interest rates, will the US economy catch a cold in 2024? And what does this mean for the global economic outlook? For boards operating in global markets—whether they are based in the US or elsewhere—what do directors need to know as they look ahead to 2024? And could the looming US presidential primaries and general election come into play?

In this webinar, we will be joined by a distinguished panel of business leaders and economists to consider the future of the world's largest economy.

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Generative AI: What Boards Need to Know Now - Come with us behind the headlines, as we look at Generative AI, how it differs from traditional AI approaches, and how leading organisations are using it to foster innovation and competitiveness. For boards, how to best oversee its expansion and ethical use remains one of the larger challenges in the boardroom today.

In this webinar, we will be joined by a distinguished panel of business leaders and technology experts to explore the future of generative AI as well as how boards can best grapple with its use and related challenges.

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