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Newfound hope: how Afghan refugees are rebuilding their lives and community in Italy

Deloitte in Italy is helping women integrate into society and become economically independent.

There are currently 100 million forcibly displaced people around the world due to conflict and persecution. Pangea is one of many non-governmental organisations that Deloitte works with across the world to help refugees rebuild their lives and discover new opportunities.

Pangea supports women who were forced to flee Afghanistan when the Taliban took control in 2021, welcoming them to Italy and offering targeted programmes that address the challenges they face on arrival. Through the Italian Deloitte Foundation, our professionals are collaborating with Pangea to develop courses to help the women build job skills, learn Italian and become an empowered part of their community.

Nazanin is just one of many refugees who are overcoming the barriers that come with leaving home and finding their place in a new community.

Deloitte’s support enables women like Nazanin to rebuild their lives and contribute to society, both economically and culturally, enriching the country they now call home.” 

- Simona Silvestri, Deloitte Italy

For Nazanin, the daughter of a women who was an activist for Pangea in Afghanistan, the transition to life in Italy was challenging. She initially felt isolated, like many refugees arriving in a new country. Over the past year, Nazanin has benefitted from Pangea’s programs that support cultural and social integration, alongside specific skills-building sessions and language classes that enable women to rebuild their lives with dignity.

With the Italian Deloitte Foundation’s support, these refugees are being empowered to build their future through education, find independence and make a positive impact in their new community.

“Our partnership with Pangea has been evolving over time. When the opportunity to support a group of Afghan female refugees arose, we were ready to offer our help. It’s poignant to see how Nazanin is finding her own way in our country. She is a brave, young woman determined to go back to studying, working and being independent.”

- Guido Borsani, Italian Deloitte Foundation’s President.

Deloitte’s collaboration with Pangea has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Together, we have created a safe space to welcome Afghan refugees and their families to Italy. The Italian Deloitte Foundation has provided grants to enable Pangea to build the coaching programs that help women become financially independent and Deloitte Italy volunteers are working to foster women’s social and economic participation within the community and country. Collaborating with Pangea is part of Deloitte Italy’s broader mission to support disadvantaged groups in their local communities and this partnership has been creating positive change for almost a decade. 

Nazanin’s journey began with the hope for a brighter future. Her story represents the experience of many refugees around the world who have found support, empowerment and independence in a new community.