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Alex Curry

Partner | Consulting

Alex leads Monitor Deloitte in the UK. Since joining it in 2000, most of his work has been with consumer product multi-national corporations with a focus on business, customer and consumer strategy, including:

  • Business and Marketing Model Design: helping MNCs to balance need for local relevance of offers with global scale, working through implications for portfolio, insights, innovation & product;
  • Growth: for over 5 years led the development and implementation of growth strategy across business units for a major UK-based global CPG PLC, including a global review of its Brand and Offer portfolio;
  • Business Unit Strategy: developing market and BU strategies aligned with and inputting to Global strategy;
  • Organizational Design & Change Management: design and implementation of new organization to support clients’ strategic agenda at every level from country-level business units to Global, Headquarters functions;
  • Innovation: development , design and implementation of innovation strategy, proposition design and launch and capability building for major CPG and FS PLCs;
  • Consumer Insights & Segmentation: helping clients understand consumer behaviors along multiple dimensions and developing growth-focused segmentation; and
  • Channel & Customer Strategy: helping clients priorities channels, then activate based on deep understanding of channel profitability, consumer behaviors within channel whilst developing TT&C to optimize customer behavior.

Most recently Alex has been supporting the migration of a major traditional CPG company from a B2B to B2C model through the establishment of Digital Marketing Services Hubs to support end-markets.