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Liliana Carballal

Director - Deloitte Argentina

We are Women in SAP. We master challenges, are built to evolve, and accelerate transformation. We break boundaries to make an impact by shattering traditional beliefs, redefining the art of the possible, creating a new future of how, why and where business gets done. Deloitte and business technology forces us to keep breaking the boundaries of the world we know. This could be you.

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Speaking a common language

Deloitte practitioners can give you a long list of possible benefits with SAP solutions. But in Liliana Carballal’s view, it comes down to one thing: giving an organisation standardised processes and insights—a common language—that it can use to make decisions and run its business more effectively. And she loves it when clients get it—when they realise that potential for value and start speaking “a language that was foreign to them” before SAP implementation.

The work is far from boring for Liliana, who has been interested in information technology since she was a child, after her father one day brought home a computer with a text-based interface. Since joining Deloitte Argentina more than 15 years ago, she has steadily evolved her career—moving from a functional role to manager to director. Today, she is an example for others who are seeking to define their own unique career paths.

For women, especially, there are ample opportunities in Deloitte’s SAP-focused work, according to Liliana. And whether the focus is on technologies, business processes, people, or some other dimension of enterprise transformation, the need for empathy is huge. “The work that we do requires a lot of understanding of the clients’ problems and their situation and their constraints and their fears,” she says. “In my experience, the women that I’ve worked with are very good at actually gaining that level of trust and connection with the client.”

And there are also big benefits that come along with being part of Deloitte’s global SAP practice—including the opportunity to work across the globe, in a variety of industries, to shape your own career in a supportive organisation and to do it all as one team. Even when client challenges prove tougher than expected, Liliana says, that sense of being a cohesive team—as being part of something bigger—is a strength and a point of pride. It shows that they are all in it together, to solve clients’ challenges and to support one another.