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Smart City Expo World Congress 2022
Tuesday, 15 November 2022 2:24 AM


15 - 17 Nov.

02:24 am

Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

Driving sustainable urban transformation

Deloitte is proud to be a Global Partner at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 (SCEWC22), the world’s leading event for cities and smart urban solutions.

Smart City Expo World Congress, the world’s leading event for smart urban solutions, gathers leaders from the most innovative companies, governments, and organisations to move cities towards a better future. Taking place in tandem with Tomorrow.Mobility World Congress, this year’s Smart City Expo promises a dynamic exchange of ideas on a reaching more sustainable urban landscapes.

Deloitte at SCEWC

At this year’s Smart City Expo, connect with Deloitte to learn about how we are making an impact that matters in communities across the globe. Our urban transformation leaders can share insights on trends and issues within the urban ecosystem and how to drive value around the following key areas:

  • Infrastructure & Buildings
  • Future of Mobility
  • Energy & Waste
  • Living & Health
  • Governance
  • Sustainability
  • Cyber
  • 5G

Smart Cities & Urban Transformation

Moving from Urban Living to Human Living

It is Deloitte’s ambition to improve urban living for more than one billion people by 2030, leveraging our global and local networks as well as working with partners, governments and NGOs.

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Deloitte sessions

SCEWC 2022 - TBD
Deloitte Booth Talks
  • Smart Buildings & Campus Enabling Technologies

Venue: Deloitte Booth
Time: 15.00–15.30

• Sérgio Carvalho, Smart Cities and Local Government Global Tech Architect, Deloitte

  • Towards a Federated Data service Marketplace for boosting the data economy

Venue: Deloitte Booth
Time: 16:00–16:30

• Ricardo Martins, Smart Cities Solutions, Associate Partner, Deloitte

SCEWC 2022
  • Infrastructure Shaping Cities for the Better

Venue: Congress Area - Main Auditorium
Time: 15.45-16.30

• Michael Flynn, Global Infrastructure, Transport & Regional Government Leader, Deloitte
• Angela Heise, Worldwide Public Sector, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Matthias Schuler, Transsolar

• Martha Thorne, IE University of Architecture and Design

Deloitte Booth Talks
  • Moving towards the Future of Auto Mobility in 2035

Venue: Deloitte Booth
Time: 11.00–11.30

• Klaus Entenmann, Ex-CEO, Daimler Mobility AG
• Lars-Henner Santelmann, Ex-CEO, Volkswagen Financial Services AG
• Yuki Kuboshima, Asia Pacific Automotive Sector Leader, Deloitte
• Raul Aran, SCM lead for Manufacturing Madrid, Deloitte

• Sebastian Pfeifle, Global Automotive Mobility Leader, Deloitte

  • AWS Smart Territory Framework: Foundations based on open source and cloud computing for Smart Territories

Venue: Deloitte Booth
Time: 12.00–12.30

• Ali Benfattoum, Principal Evangelist Smart City & IoT


SCEWC 2022 - TBD
Deloitte Booth Talks
  • How IoT Lighting can make your city smarter, safer and more sustainable

Venue: Deloitte Booth
Time: 11.00–11.30

• Ricardo Martins, Smart Cities Solutions, Associate Partner, Deloitte


"Moving from an urban living to a more human living."