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Wealth and Asset Management 4.0

How digital, social, and economic trends will transform the investment industry

The pandemic has been a watershed event for the investment community, accelerating market shifts already in motion. Overnight, the world has become digital-first and socially minded, irrevocably transforming investor expectations and the industry's way of working. Over the next three years, the industry will be turned upside down, as some firms capitalise on market disruption and others stumble.

To help wealth management firms understand what these profound shifts will mean for their businesses, Deloitte worked with ESI ThoughtLab and others to conduct a pioneering thought leadership research program, Wealth and Asset Management 4.0. The study explores how COVID-19 will change investor perspectives and service provider strategies. We look at:

  • Investor needs in the pandemic era
  • As we move to a digital first world
  • Rethinking pricing and business models
  • Return on digital investments

Six mega trends surfaced based on the survey inputs. They are:

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Wealth Management 4.0

In this webinar, done in association with ESI ThoughtLab, we discussed the evolving consumer needs, future of wealth management and how companies can adapt for growth.



How digital, social and economic shifts will transform the industry

During this webinar we examine the megatrends disrupting the industry and the future of wealth and asset management

Advice is moving to the center of the relationship between financial firms and customers. It is the glue that is bringing everything together. It’s bringing wealth to the center of consumer finance and advice is becoming ubiquitous. It’s holistic. It’s not just investment or just banking or just lending or just insurance or just this or that. It’s bringing everything together.

Gauthier Vincent, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

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Principal | Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory


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