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World Retail Congress 2022

Global roadmap to rebuild a better retail

The World Retail Congress is one of the world’s largest conferences focused on the consumer industry. It brings together industry leaders from the world’s largest and most innovative retailers, as well as industry experts – sharing their experience and world-leading insights.

As a premier sponsor of the 2022 World Retail Congress, Deloitte hosted several live sessions, and co-published a research paper based on a global survey among over 21,000 consumers across the world. 

Evolving consumer intentions require new strategy for retailers

The World Retail Congress’s focus on our planet, society, and consumers, aligns seamlessly with Deloitte’s purpose to make an impact that matters, and our focus areas, including sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and digital transformation.

As part of our sponsorship of the WRC, we co-authored a paper based on data from the Global State of the Consumer Tracker. Our research shows that consumers have reprioritised time. Where they spend their time, who they spend it with, and what they spend it on—and increasingly with a focus on purpose. This paper will be jointly launched by WRC and Deloitte during the congress.


         We’ve had a lot of time to think, and we’re thinking a lot about time

Stay connected with the latest outputs from the WRC

“The Global roadmap to rebuild a better retail” was the ambition of the 2022 World Retail Congress in Rome. To effectively and successfully serve consumers in this post-pandemic world, it’s crucial to access the knowledge and groundbreaking ideas required to achieve this. Therefore we have collected all the latest insights shared during WRC in one place.

Consumer demand and governmental regulations are driving sustainability efforts in the textiles industry. Cecilia Dall'Acqua, sustainability specialist, explains how successful leaders will be the ones that combine purpose and competitiveness. Read more about sustainability in the retail and consumer industry.

Let’s make this work.

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Leon Pieters, Global Consumer Industry Leader at Deloitte, shares his perspective on DE&I. While Leon is particularly positive about developments in the younger generation, he does see an opportunity to collectively raise awareness. Diverse teams perform up to 20% better, and as Leon shares: “deep in our heart we know that diversity is really providing more opportunities for us”. Check the first report in our series on DE&I across the consumer value chain.

Let’s make this work.

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72% of our global consumer panel believes that climate change is an emergency. Leon Pieters shares that people are taking action as well. In their personal life, in the workplace, and in the community where they live. To stay aligned with consumer demand, business leaders need to step up for change. Check the Sustainable Actions Index to read more about how consumers are implementing sustainability in their lives.

Let’s make this work.

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Global State of the Consumer Tracker

Your window into the consumer mind. The Global State of the Consumer Tracker provides reliable and nuanced insights into consumer behavior in more than 20 countries to help consumer businesses understand and navigate these fast-changing times. The Tracker provides consistent, high-quality data on consumer sentiment in retail, consumer products, automotive, and travel. The data is continually updated so that you can track current trends and make strategic business decisions. See for more information.

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At the World Retail Congress, and beyond, we aim to connect our clients to insights on the latest consumer trends and their impact on the retail industry. Please contact us if you would like to talk about the future of retail, or dive deeper into our analyses of consumer sentiment and behavior. We'd love to talk with you about the implications for your organisation.

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