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Stavri Frangou

Assurance Services Director

Stavri holds a BSc in Accounting & Finance from the University of Warwick and she is an ICAEW member. In 2010, she joined Deloitte and since then, she has been providing audit and advisory services mainly to financial institutions.

Stavri is the responsible Director for the Deloitte Middle East & Cyprus Credit Centre of Excellence, where all IFRS 9 audit consultations of all banks that Deloitte audits in Cyprus and the Middle East, are undertaken by the Centre of Excellence. She has been involved in the IFRS 9 reviews and consultations of Banks with an aggregated assets value of USD 1.027 bln. What is more, Stavri has led the delivery of engagements related to the validation of credit risk models in large banks in Jordan.

Stavri blends the expertise gained from delivering large audit engagements with insights obtained from wide ranging advisory and due diligence projects.

Specifically, Stavri has worked closely with the largest banks in Cyprus providing advisory services for the implementation and application of IFRS 9, related guidance and directives. She has professional advisory services for developing a conceptual design of income recognition procedures, consistent to impairment models and accounting standards. In addition, she provided professional advisory services relating to the development of system specifications to account for loan modification and derecognition as per IFRS 9, as well as operationalising the design and providing guidance and direction to the implementation team.

Stavri is also a member of IFRS Technical team of Deloitte Cyprus responsible for managing complex technical issues regarding the appropriate application of IFRS 9. Lastly, Stavri delivers IFRS 9 trainings both internally and externally.