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Justice Reimagined

Rethinking the Foundations of Global Justice Systems

Exploring the solutions that can enable a safer, more secure and more prosperous society.

The impact of the Covid -19 pandemic has prompted a reevaluation of the justice systems’ priorities. What has emerged is a need to balance rehabilitation and restorative justice - all while ensuring a fair and dignified system that safeguards communities.

The Justice Reimagined series explores these new priorities and provides a platform for discussion on the imaginative solutions that can enable a safer, more secure and more prosperous society. The series features a framework that considers the critical variables now affecting the justice system and the ramifications for crime-solving, including for increasingly large-scale and complex crime.

While these change factors are disruptive, they also provide opportunities for justice systems to become more holistic, rehabilitative and make use of advanced capabilities, like GenAI and automated processes.

Recap of the 2021

Future of Criminal Justice report

Justice Reimagined” follows Deloitte Global’s publication, “The Future of Criminal Justice” (2021), which explored how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the global criminal justice system landscape. Highlights:

  • The pandemic served as a catalyst for conversations about the priorities of criminal justice systems and how they can be transformed.
  • Continued need for rehabilitation and restorative justice with traditional aspects of sentencing, while helping ensure that the system safeguards communities and provides fairness and dignity.