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Intela by Deloitte

Combining human ingenuity and leading-edge tech

Intela is the global platform that powers your tax experience with Deloitte. By combining AI and cloud computing technologies, Intela can help to unite information, processes, teams and automate workflows while also providing customised-for-you views of Deloitte knowledge on tax developments and industry trends.

Intela. Because your job is taxing enough.

Tax teams today face increasingly complex tax requirements, leaner teams and growing expectations from the C-suite. Deloitte’s tax services, powered by Intela, can help. With Intela, your tax professionals can focus less on busy work—and more on uncovering new insights and driving strategic value.

It’s a single, holistic vision so we can seamlessly work together on day-to-day tasks and challenging new developments as tax departments continue to transform their ways of working.

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