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Tax automation:

Do more with less.

Mountains of data paired with vast processing power. Human understanding with machine execution. Absolute accuracy with limitless scale. As tax departments adopt cloud and automate tasks, they’re not only evolving the way tax is managed, they’re revolutionising how they provide value beyond their compliance roles. By staying ahead of the curve with technology-enabled solutions—tax professionals are now armed with the power to add greater value to their organisations in the moment and into the future.

That’s the Power of With.

Building the tax function of tomorrow, today

Get insights on new technologies along with practical guidance to help tax and finance leaders begin their transformation journey.

In a world of globalisation, digitisation and social transformation that are redefining operational efficiencies, tax as a function can no longer watch from the sidelines. Gone are the days when tax leaders could focus on retrospective tax calculations and rough projections. Many organisations are beginning to understand the need of the hour―to be tech-savvy, environment-aware, data-driven and predictive.

This article will help you to understand some of the pressures that are creating the platform for change within the tax function. Drawing on Deloitte professionals’ experiences working with tax authorities and tax leaders around the world—this article will help shine the spotlight on some new technologies while offering some practical steps to help tax and finance leaders envision their road map to the tax function of tomorrow. It also underlines the importance of building collaboration between humans and machines to achieve a greater impact.

Read more to understand how the future-ready tax department of today offers tax leaders the opportunity to create a significant advantage by turning tax into a source of agility, strategic insigh and even innovation.

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Accuracy with speed.

Rethink manual processes that slow you down and create risk.Harness the power of natural language processing + machine learning. Basic tasks like classifying data can now be done faster, more accurately, and with clear audit trails across massive data sets.

Precision with capacity.

Do more with less through increased operational efficiency.

.Automation tools perform rote tasks accurately and scale to suit the challenge at hand without incurring added labor costs. See how that could change your workload vs time vs capacity conundrum.

Data with insight.

See what your data knows.

Gain confidence amid complexity. Harness the Power of With and analyse and track data from thousands of employee international business trips. Create the ability to transform how you authorise travel.

Clarity with confidence.

Creating the future together:

Tax compliance in a digital worldTax authorities are demanding data that is more and more current—and sometimes even real-time—from tax departments. In the meantime, most of those departments are making decisions for the future based on backward-looking data. With these external pressures in mind, tax departments must adapt quickly and align to the increasingly digital and automated enterprise. But adopting new digital approaches can be disruptive. Learn the steps you can take to make a smooth transition.

Tax technology and automation

See how automation technologies help bring everyday tasks under control and position your tax department for the future.

Intelligent Automation in Tax

Unlock the potential of cloud robotics

Tax departments typically spend more than 50% of their time gathering and manipulating data. What could those hours be worth if they were deployed differently?

Understand how the speed, accuracy and capacity of automation technologies can free people’s time to focus on strategic activities.

See how tax professionals are leveraging intelligent automation to rethink the way the tax department operates and improve data quality and reliability to drive the business forward— while automating routine, predictable tasks that once tied up resources and valuable time.

Power of with

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Compliance with transparency. Accuracy with speed. Complexity with clarity.

Digital transformation is here, and it’s impacting tax and legal departments. Today, people are working with machines to harness data, automate execution of rote tasks, comply in real time and free themselves up to add greater value within their companies. That not only transforms how work gets done, it also transforms the talent needed to do it.