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Central Europe Tax Technology Report

The report examines how the technology needs of Central Europe’s Tax function are evolving in a digital era

  • Key drivers of change are tax authorities’ demands for digital
    filing and increasing the number of automated compliance processes to free up resources
  • 75% of respondents expect tax authorities to conduct more focused
    audits, and 62% believe tax authorities will have more direct access to their IT systems in three to five years
  • Half of all respondents see a lack of time and resources as the main
    challenge in transforming their tax technology.

Right across the business landscape, accelerating digitisation is making data increasingly easy to access and analyse. This shift is affecting the Tax function as much as any other, with public and tax authorities in countries across Central Europe leveraging digital technologies to ensure that tax-paying businesses are compliant with the evermore complex legal requirements in force in every tax regime.
It is to help businesses understand the forces at play, the likely impacts of change and the strategic approach of businesses across the region that Deloitte Central Europe put together a report on the results of a survey among 120+ senior finance and tax executives from across the region.

The Central Europe Tax Technology Report addresses multiple areas, including the decision-making factors and challenges in choosing the right technologies to invest in, the issues involved in meeting digital tax requirements, the implementation of next-generation ERP systems, and how companies are using technologies to support the tax function.

The report’s key findings include:

  • More than half (56%) of respondents are proactively involved in modernising specific systems, processes and even their entire architecture
  •  Leveraging wider digital-transformation programmes underway in the organisation and implementing next-generation ERP systems can help Tax teams manage the increasing digitisation of tax
  •  A third of respondents are planning to change their operating model by outsourcing non-core technology and processes
  •  More than half plan to implement business-intelligence dashboards and customised data-management tools.

Please download the report for more information.

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