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Mastering hybrid work with analytics & insight: Smarter, sustainable work in the flexibility age

Livestream event

Are you looking to harness the benefits of remote and hybrid work strategies? 

On 13 July, Deloitte hosted a 45-minute session exploring the hybrid work landscape. Our thought leaders discussed its impact on talent, productivity, compliance, sustainability and the evolution of office spaces.

Discover how organisations are adapting to these shifts, using data analytics to navigate challenges and design flexible work environments that meet the needs of their workforce. 

Learn why understanding your employees’ locations in real-time can elevate compliance, productivity and sustainability and how it can help with rightsising your real estate footprint. 

If you’re looking to maximise the benefits of hybrid work strategies, this event is a must-watch.

In our webcast replay, delve into:

  • The myths and realities of “return to office” mandates
  • The power of data analytics in refining your real estate strategies, driving sustainability and enhancing talent, productivity and compliance
  • Insider perspectives on how organisations are managing cross-border tax and regulatory challenges 



Presented by:
  • Karen Cunningham 
    Consulting Managing Director | Human Capital Sustainability, Climate and Equity
  • Joel Eisenreich
    Tax Principal | Global Employer Services
  • Carissa Kilgour
    Consulting Principal | Human Capital, Workforce Transformation
  • Jim Pickett
    Tax Principal | Clients & Markets Leader, Global Employer Services

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