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Regulatory & Legal

Creating responsible businesses

Emerging new technologies, constantly changing regulations and ever-evolving business needs shift the ground beneath your feet. We can support you to identify and manage risks and Issue in advance, use technology to your advantage and free up your resources to focus on creating a secure future.

Regulatory consulting: moving forward, together

We can help organisations of any regulated industry move beyond simply meeting the minimum compliance standards. By moving toward a more strategic and agile approach, we can help you work towards a responsible, sustainable future.

Holistic in our methods, we go beyond regulatory compliance and remediation services to help you to manage risk and vulnerabilities and raise the bar for your compliance operations.

With our skills and in-depth experience, we can lead you to address challenges and manage the complexity of enterprise compliance for regulated Industry. Together, we can build resilient compliance programs that help you to react to shifting business needs and emerging regulations.

Our capabilities

We can assist you in asset-level reviews, analytics and cash-flow modelling, structural and document review and in post-closing compliance testing, leading you toward success.

We can help you with accounting irregularities and financial statement fraud investigations. Working with you to fight and prevent money laundering by reinforcing good practices.

Our teams of regulatory specialists use a framework to identify all relevant impacts of regulations and evaluate solutions, to optimise your customer onboarding and your periodic reviews.

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