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Where Buy Now Pay Later is going in Europe

The latest regulatory trends

In 2022, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) products continue to gain interest among consumers and merchants. Along with their growing popularity, they have attracted the attention of regulators who oversee consumer safety on the financial markets.

BNPL market players - FinTechs, Lendtechs, Paytechs, as well as merchants - in the face of regulatory challenges on the one hand and consumer expectations on the other - are trying to cooperate to provide the most innovative BNPL solutions. Banks are attempting to join this group, who have the most barriers and challenges in the implementation of financial products, but also the greatest experience and possibility to scale them.

In this article, we explore BNPL in terms of:

  • BNPL as a consumer loan
  • Risks associated with BNPL products granted outside the consumer credit regime
  • Supervision of BNLP
  • Alternative BNPL models
  • Banks on the BNPL market
  • Banks and BNPL: new approaches

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