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Creating and delivering sustainable value at speed

Unleashing existing businesses by framing performance using value creation methodologies and mindsets, leading to a step change in profitability.

Our unrivalled Transformation services, powered by Deloitte professionals can help your organisation thrive. From revenue enhancement to operational improvement, our team helps you to identify the key levers for success others may miss, before seamlessly moving to the hands-on implementation required to deliver with a host of deep expertise, whatever your specific needs require.

With an enviable track record of driving growth and helping organisations get back on track, we can help you today.

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Beyond strategy, the top-line of a business is dependant on the right execution. Unleashing the true value on offer from the right combination of products, customers and how a business approaches them can drive a step change in the financial performance of a company.

Building on the wider business strategy, how a company goes to market and what it takes with it, is crucial to a company’s success. And then identifying the need to address organisational, technological or digital gaps and having the ability to take action will see you build the engine for growth you want.

How we can help

With strict focus on items that directly drive value, our approach to revenue and margin enhancement covers:

Product range: Identification of the most profitable sales mix, with a category strategy to match

Pricing: Acknowledging a customer’s willing to pay, a prioritisation of customers, products, based on the pricing opportunity

Churn and loyalty: Analysis of value-orientated KPIs to retain customers, reduce churn and increase loyalty and share of wallet

Marketing effectiveness: Improving spend efficacy and ROI, drive market share and share of wallet, with clear control of performance and KPIs

Salesforce effectiveness: Identifying the right customers, tailoring the sales effort, incentives and performance measures

Having the right materials, in the right place, at the right time and at the right cost provides the foundation for the supply chain to add the value it should. Procurement is typically a data-heavy environment so knowing the right answer requires the ability to navigate that data and extract the insights needed for action.

Having the right tools to quickly deploy, allows an organisation to move beyond confusion and hearsay to fact-based, actionable insight on how to improve and how to reduce costs, sustainably and in the interests of stakeholders.

How we can help

Our holistic approach delivers sustainable cost reductions through a strong focus on execution excellence, category management, VA/ VE, capability development and supplier portfolio optimisation:

Maturity assessment: where are the meaningful gaps in how you buy that will be costing your business value

Quick scan: Rapid, data-driven, analysis of a company’s spending to surface the places to start and begin to identify the action required

‘Should cost’ approach and benchmarking: Providing clients with an answer to the question of ‘how much should we be spending?’

Category management value framework, category insights and commodity profiles: In depth, sectoral insight to support the longer term strategy on sourcing and procurement

Whatever the commercial context, it is rare to encounter an organisation that could not benefit from streamlined operations, reduced costs or increased sales. Deloitte's Performance improvement team - all change management and implementation specialists - has a singular focus: to deliver rapid operational improvement from improving cash flow and EBITDA margins for clients in any industry.

Deploying skills ranging from pricing strategy optimisation and SG&A cost rationalisation through to organisational and process review and redesign, we target the improvements that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line in the shortest period of time.

How we can help

Our pragmatic, result-driven team applies a financial-investor lens to performance improvement. We have deep situational and sector experience and take a hands-on and collaborative approach to achieving sustainable results.

Diagnostics - comparator insight using proprietary benchmarking databases built from our own extensive experience

EBITDA improvement - cost-reduction and revenue-growth strategies

Operating Model optimisation - organisational review and redesign

100-day plans - design, validation, implementation: partnering businesses and investors to deliver value for all stakeholders

Zero-based budgeting - performing the role of 'challenging friend' throughout budget process, to ensure all costs are justified

With often 20% of company’s costs incurred as overheads, inefficiencies and value leakage can materially and directly decrease profitability.

Furthermore, these overheads also typically control and oversee the wider usage of resources, cash and operations. Improving ways of working in overhead functions and organisations also support the improvement of revenues, margins and direct costs.

How we can help

With strict focus on items that directly drive value, our approach to overheads covers:

Organisation: Identification and elimination of (historically grown) organisational anomalies​ as well as determination and implementation of respective personnel adjustments​

Processes: Improvement of process efficiency with the help of Robotic Process Automation and analysis using Process Mining Tools​

Guidelines & policies: Ensuring a strict budget and service provider management for indirect costs and optimisation of all real estate costs

Working Capital is often described as the 'Lifeblood of a Business' as it represents the operational liquidity of a company. Maintaining an optimal level of Working Capital can be a challenge for even the most profitable businesses. If Working Capital is not running efficiently, the flow of cash can significantly affect the liquidity of a business. Cash can be tied up in a multitude of ways including slow moving stock, early payments to suppliers and slow collections from customers. This is akin to a blockage in the arteries of a business preventing cash from circulating through its cycle in a timely manner.

How we can help

  • Identify opportunities to improve cash flow through working capitals levers
  • Order to cash
  • Procure to pay
  • Forecast to fulfil
  • Make working capital more efficient through sustainable process changes
  • Operationally implement opportunities to improve cash and working capital
  • Use data analytics to create working capital dashboards using transactional data

Value Creation Services

Think boldly, then deliver

Deloitte's Value Creation Services are predicated on the rapid identification, planning and implementation of prioritised performance improvement initiatives that will improve cash and enhance profits.