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Valuation & Modelling

We help our clients address some of their most challenging valuation issues, ranging from strategic, transactional and operational decisions through to regulatory compliance and monitoring.

Today’s challenges are making valuation more complex. And more critical to get right.

How do you value an airline with half the fleet grounded?

Or reach net zero when your suppliers are using unsustainable materials?

How does volatility affect the value of your intangible assets and intellectual property?

Whether you are acquiring, restructuring or divesting, value is at the core of every decision.

  • At the core of strategy and execution.
  • At the core of scenario planning.
  • At the core of capital allocation.

Some see valuation as almost too hard to get right. We see it as too important to get wrong. This is why we have mobilised our best technologies and most experienced and diverse global teams to solve your valuation and modelling needs. We employ a suite of advanced solutions that include real time analysis and industry insights to help design and define your value architecture to drive enterprise value creation and market differentiation.

Streamline decision making, manage uncertainty, cut through complexity and put value at the core with Deloitte Valuation & Modelling.

Valuation & Modelling Services:

Leading companies turn to us for our deep experience in valuing and analysing business interests and their underlying assets. We provide transformative insights that turn critical and complex issues into opportunities for growth, resilience and long-term advantage.

Portfolio valuations have always been considered a complex aspect of investment management, especially for private investments and “hard-to-value” securities with limited market data for comparison. Deloitte’s valuation specialists provide portfolio valuation services to investment managers who require in-depth valuation analysis for their investments.

Business modelling lies at the heart of the decision-making process, whether it is evaluating strategic options, new investments or existing operations. We create value for our clients by developing bespoke modelling solutions to help make confident, value-enhancing decisions.

Deloitte IP Advisory delivers outstanding commercial results by applying a unique blend of strategic IP advice, powerful market and IP analytics capabilities and demonstrated transaction experience to help clients value and monetise their intellectual property.

Sustainability and climate change initiatives are central to the success of every organisation. We can help you make informed choices to manage the challenges and opportunities presented by environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. From strategic option and feasibility analysis to capital allocation, scenario modelling, funding analysis and reporting tools —we provide full-service solutions and support.

Innovation is not an initiative or a programme. Innovation is a mindset. Today’s volatility is making valuation more complex and more critical to get right. At Deloitte we leverage the newest exponential technologies and programmes to help our clients compete in innovative environments and marketplaces.

Make strategic decisions using real-time visualisation

Valued—our AI and cognitive analytics tool—helps you to access the right information to make informed business decisions and mitigate risks to maximise value.