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Capital Projects

Orchestrating success through optimised value delivery for capital projects

Major projects of this scale often have a capital value greater than the turnover of many large, listed companies and it can often feel like a high-wire act to lead them to a successful conclusion.

Capital Projects

Capital projects represent a major investment for an organisation and are becoming increasingly complex in many sectors. Common challenges include:

  • Establishing the optimum delivery strategy and governance structures
  • Accessing appropriate financing to maintain competititve advantage
  • Maximising benefits, mitigating risks and removing waste
  • Managing complex projects with unique cultural, regulatory, contractual and climate & sustainability considerations

Deloitte’s market-leading I&CP team has helped set up, build and operate many of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure & capital projects. As a result, we can provide exceptional market and industry insights along with unparalleled expertise that will help drive success and improve the outcomes of your major projects.

Explore our Infrastructure & Capital Projects services

Enabling capital project organisations to adopt the latest technology innovations and develop their capability to use deep data insights and analytics for better control, efficient delivery and operations of capital projects.

• Data Management
• Reporting and Analytics
• Content and Contract Collaboration
• Enterprise Architecture
• Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) methodology

Designing, implementing and executing asset strategies that optimise capital, improve performance, transform asset management and reduce risk.

• Asset Strategy and Planning
• Asset Creation
• Asset Operation and Maintenance
• Asset Management Transformation

Services that enhance shareholder confidence, maximise the value of your organisation and support data driven decisions that are strategically aligned with your objectives and attract investment.

• Strategic Option Evaluation
• Portfolio Optimisation
• Capital Allocation and Efficiency
• Investment Appraisal
• Business Case Development
• Real Estate Location Strategy
• Project Finance and Advisory
• Contract Bid and Procurement Support

Building an efficient and scalable organisation as well as robust systems and controls that improve the confidence in delivery of capital projects and operation of the asset being created.

• Delivery Strategy Development
• Delivery Model Selection and Development
• Target Operating Model
• Governance Structure and Process Design
• Organisation Design
• Stakeholder and Community Engagement
• Talent Strategy
• Transition and Readiness Planning
• Risk Analytics
• Comparator Analysis and Case Studies

Providing confidence in the design, engineering and construction of capital projects that are effectively planned, managed and controlled, including delivery of operations and assets.

• Project Requirements Definition
• Project Baselines Reduction
• Project Performance Optimisation
• Programme Controls and Reporting
• Project Risks Mitigation
• Contract Compliance Management
• Effective Programme Controls Governance

How can infrastructure provide transformative benefits for all?

Deloitte is proud to support a first-of-its-kind research initiative with Economist Impact and Duke University that compares infrastructure ecosystems in 30 countries around the world and examines how well infrastructure is used to address key economic, social and environmental gaps.