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SheXO Club

Businesswomen Club

The Deloitte SheXO Club, operating in Central Europe since 2011, aims to support and empower women in managerial and executive roles, striving to increase female representation in corporate governance. The club unites women from both the private and public sectors across 10 Central European countries. Following this initiative, since 2012, we have been organizing meetings of successful, purposeful, and resourceful businesswomen, including CEOs and Board Members from various Croatian companies, to share their experiences and inspire other women to pursue their most ambitious career goals.


Take a look at our previous events

Establishment of the club

November 8, 2012, Zagreb
“What is success, in the meaning of balancing between personal needs and external expectations”
speakers: Zora Subotić, psychologist and therapist, Vedrana Likan, director of Colliers International

“Values; why are they important? How do they contribute to success? Which values have contributed to my success?”
March 21, 2013, Zagreb

"Women in business world presentation of the survey results
September 17, 2013, VERN' University, Zagreb, 

Deloitte SheXO club Christmas event
December 10, 2013, Kaptol Center, Zagreb

Healthy life in business world
April 4, 2014,  Hotel Hilton, Zagreb

Humanitarian concert „Deloitte for children in Gunja“
September 10, 2014, Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb

Make up, hairstyle and business dressing
April 14, 2015, Matis Absolut Lounge Bar, Zagreb

Deloitte SheXO club - Women in business contributing to corporate and entrepreneurial success
November 20, 2015, Congress Center Forum, Green Gold, Zagreb

"Mingling" in Mala scena
April 20, 2016, Theatre Mala scena, Zagreb 

Wine School
November 23, 2016, Velvet Café, Zagreb

Christmas concert of the Zagreb Philharmonic & Vocal Ensemble Husar & Tomčić
December 13, 2018, Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb

Deloitte SheXO Club event on business attire and business interaction Etiquette
May 10, 2018, Garderoba Concept Store, Zagreb

How to encourage greater Inclusion of women in top management positions and prevent them from giving up "Executive" roles
November 15, 2018, Deloitte, Zagreb
Speaker: Manpreet Dhillon, Deloitte Canada, founder of VEZA community, certified personal and business coach, and certified HR specialist

Presentation of the results of the 2nd Survey "Women in the Business World"
March 7, 2019, Croatian Employers' Association, Zagreb

Summer gathering and conversation with Iva Belé, founder of success concept and author of the book "The Vibration of Success"
June 28, 2019, Zagreb, Velvet Café

COVID-19 - Webinars

Crisis management from a legal perspective
May 19, 2020

Overview of measures for job preservation and tax payment in special Circumstances
May 20, 2020

Economic predictions
June 2, 2020

"Everything is Negotiable!" - Webinar Lectures
Guest lecturer: Eugeniu D. Mihai, International negotiation expert
- December 1, 2020 - "The Psychology of Negotiation"
- December 3, 2020 - "Key Negotiation Mistakes"

"How to Burn Out and Take Control of Your Life" - Hybrid Event
Discussion with Aljoša Bagola - Moderator Maja Vučić
March 10, 2021, Deloitte, Zagreb

"Women in the Workplace: A Global Perspective" research presentation and panel discussion
July 8, 2021, Urania, Kvaternik Square 3/3, Zagreb

"Ja od jutra nisam stao" - Theater performance
December 17, 2021, Kerempuh Theater,  Zagreb 

CE for CEO – Circular Economy – What Matters to Me? - Hybrid Event
Presentation and Discussion with Ladeja Godina Košir

February 14, 2022, Deloitte,  Zagreb


First Book Club - Presentation of the Novel "Sons, Daughters" and conversation with author Ivana Bodrožić
May 20, 2022, Book Library Fraktura,  Zagreb

First Women's Weekend Conference - Three-Day regional conference with a series of lectures, panels, and workshops
March 9-11, 2023, Rijeka

Second Women's Weekend Conference - Three-Day regional conference with a series of lectures, panels, and workshops
March 7-9, 2024, Rijeka

Event: Presentation of the results of the 3rd research study "Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace"
June 19, 2024, Croatian Employers' Association, Zagreb

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