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Wiesław Kotecki

Customer Strategy & Design Offering Leader | Market Offering Leader Web&Mobile Factory

Wiesław is a Leader of Customer Strategy and Design Offering in Central Europe. During his 17 years of career, he supports clients in the field of user experience design. In his work, he focuses on building competitive advantage based on the customer's perspective and its use in the digital transformation of enterprises. He has carried out projects in 30 countries.

He has cooperated with clients in Poland, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, France, Russia, Slovenia and Montenegro. He specializes in the financial, telecommunications, automotive and health sectors. His projects have been awarded many times. In 2016, after 10 years of running the first Polish company specializing in UX - Uselab, he joined Deloitte Digital with the whole team - currently he leads the Experience Design team in Central Europe.