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Mobility, Payroll, and Immigration

Support for your mobile workforce

Your workforce is increasingly mobile—and remote work, contingent workforce, and temporary assignments only add to their fluidity. And every time an employee crosses a domestic or international border to work, their movement can trigger HR, immigration, payroll, and tax ramifications. Deloitte helps clients understand the strategic and operational implications of a mobile workforce, including compliance obligations, digital solutions, policy writing, benchmarking, cost projections, and application processing, to support the needs of both the HR department and mobile employees.

We work with organizations of all sizes and across industries—from businesses with a handful of foreign-national hires to those with thousands of international assignees. We help HR support employees on short- and long-term cross-border assignments, business travelers, remote workers, permanent transfers, contingent workforce, and other members of a mobile workforce. Our approach is compliant, cost-effective, and centered around people.


Services to support a mobile workforce


Immigration, HR, tax, and payroll expertise when and where you need it

Managing HR for a large or global business means getting the right people into the right roles in the right places—and doing it in ways that are cost-effective, comply with multiple laws and regulations, and remains sensitive to the employee’s needs and circumstances.

Deloitte’s immigration, HR, tax, and payroll specialists can help with both strategic planning and operational execution, including identifying outsourcing models, compliant reporting, technology and digital solutions, and strategic partners that can streamline processes and improve outcomes.




Many businesses need access to a global workforce with cross-border mobility. For those with operations in multiple geographies, employee mobility can be key to strategic plans and operational expansion. To get the right resources in the right places, they must be agile and coordinate quick, efficient international employee transfers. That requires compliant, cost-effective immigration programs that support both business objectives and employee needs.

We work with organizations across all industries and at any scale—from those with a handful of foreign national local hires to organizations with thousands of international assignees. Deloitte’s immigration specialists together with select alliances work to help clients develop successful strategies to address immigration challenges worldwide. Our immigration compliance services help businesses and private clients complete work permits, business visas, employer sponsorships, and immigration applications. Our immigration advisory services professionals have built relationship with regulatory authorities and can provide government advocacy, audit, and right to work support. We design immigration programs that are human-centered, built on diversity and inclusion, and based in proactive compliance.

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Mobility tax


A flexible, mobile workforce gives businesses additional flexibility to assign the right resources to the right locations supporting project requirements, facilitating business growth, and adding inherent value. A wide range of temporary, permanent, mobile, and remote employee arrangements are common in today’s businesses, each requiring different levels of support. Such flexibility can also increase compliance risk and make tax obligations more complex, with businesses and mobile employees often required to file returns in multiple jurisdictions.

Deloitte’s mobility tax experts draw on extensive knowledge of tax regulations across jurisdictions to help clients address these complex situations. Our experienced tax and HR professionals can align strategy, policy, and operations to address the talent and tax implications of a mobile workforce. Our mobility tax services include:

  • Preparation of individual tax returns for domestic and mobile employees
  • Hypothetical tax calculations
  • Tax equalizations
  • Net pay calculations
  • Income and social tax planning
  • Remote and contingent worker compliance and consulting
  • Business traveler compliance, analytics, and consulting
  • Tax concierge services

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HR and payroll process outsourcing


For organizations with a mobile workforce, human resources and payroll services can be both complex and time-consuming. In addition to the administrative burden, they must manage employee-related risks and protect sensitive personal information—all while striving to align HR practices and policies with a company’s strategic vision.

Deloitte’s HR and payroll professionals help businesses improve efficiency and align resources with larger goals. We can assess existing processes, then recommend more cost-efficient, compliant solutions, often supported by innovative technology.

We offer an array of flexible operational solutions, including payroll management, payroll system support, mobility compensation management, benefits administration, and HR workforce support. All support can be provided at any level—from short-term or ad hoc assistance to fully outsourced and co-sourced HR solutions staffed with professionals trained by Deloitte.

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