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Deloitte Resiliency Centre

Is your organization flexible and resilient?

The Caribbean is the location of choice for many organizations. However, the risk of devastating tropical storms as well as other natural and man-made threats require organizations to protect their most important assets. If disaster struck your organization, where would you go? What would you do? How quickly would you be able to resume services to your clients?

DRC - Keeping your business going


Since 2004, the Deloitte Resiliency Centre (“DRC”) has been the premier disaster recovery facility in the Caribbean. The DRC has been ISO 27001-certified since 2017, and has supported our clients through all major disruptive events. Housed at the Citrus Grove Building in Grand Cayman, one of the most structurally sound buildings in the region, the DRC is designed to provide your organization with a secure multi-purpose space for personnel and data, supported by the top expertise in Cyber and IT. 

Our services include customized data suites, co-location hosting, secure resilience and innovation workspace, and secure media and document storage. Our clients range from smaller companies to multi-national organizations with significant technical and security requirements. We are a vendor- and telecommunications-neutral facility, and have connectivity options from all of the on-island telecoms companies.

The DRC offers purpose built server rooms (“Data Suites”) dedicated to an individual client. These Data Suites can be configured and customized to your exact requirements, whether used as a primary location for high density production server environments, or for disaster recovery and continuity purposes.

Data Suites are a cost effective and leading edge solution for businesses who wish to avoid the expense of establishing their own data centre facility, or who do not have the in-house skills to do so.

In addition, the DRC offers professional consulting and managed IT services to support Data Suites clients, from “intelligent hands” to full system administration.

Key Data Suites Features:

  • Redundant server grade A/C
  • Advanced fire detection and gas based fire suppression system
  • 24/7 biometrically controlled client access
  • Flexible data cabinet sizes up to 47U, each with monitored power
  • Multiple 30 amp power circuits per rack
  • Network monitored zero U power distribution units
  • Dedicated, monitored uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for each Data Suite, each with N+1 redundancy
  • Environmental control, including temperature, humidity, and flood monitoring
  • Server racks stabilized directly to concrete slab
  • Anti-static floor tiling and grounded rack equipment
  • Options for Data Suite customization
  • Access to all major Cayman Islands telecommunications providers

The DRC offers co-location hosting services for organisations looking to host equipment in a secure location to reduce cost, improve controls, provide DR capabilities and continuous service to your business.

Co-location space is available per half rack or full rack. The DRC supports communications circuits from all major Cayman Islands telecommunication providers, as well as options for point to point laser or wireless in George Town.

Key Co-location Hosting Features:

  • Biometrically controlled access to room
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator back-up
  • Advanced fire detection and gas based fire suppression system
  • HVAC environmental control system, with redundant server grade A/C
  • CAT6 cabling
  • Flexible networking options based on your needs
  • Intelligent hands support available

Key Recovery Suite Features:

  • Fully enclosed workspaces for privacy and security
  • In-room storage space for documents and other critical items
  • Advanced fire detection and gas based fire suppression system
  • Flexible network capabilities (four ports per desk; 24 port patch panel and a communication cabinet)
  • Full kitchen, including kitchen supply storage
  • Shower and bathroom facilities
  • Swipe-card security access and 24 hour CCTV monitoring
  • On-site technical and operational support
  • Options for on-site document and media storage, and dedicated connections to co-located IT equipment
  • Communications circuit options from Cayman's all major telecommunication providers, as well as wireless internet access
  • Option to participate in an annual simulated disaster recovery event run by the DRC

Backing up data is one thing - storing it in a secure environment away from potential disasters, and having it recoverable is another.

The DRC provides Secure Media Storage in a purpose-built room containing 60+ secure storage units. These units are offered in a variety of sizes to meet your need.

The space can also be used as a secure "grab and go" location for important documents or recovery laptop equipment, or as a long term storage option for backup media. 

Key Secure Media Storage Features:

  • Access by proximity security card
  • Three locked doors between the outside world and your SMS unit
  • Monitored by CCTV cameras
  • Protected by an advanced fire detection and gas based fire suppression system
  • 24 x 7 access for media retrieval

The DRC provides a safe and secure facility for archival document storage. Using the DRC secure storage allows your organisation to rationalise and reduce space costs, as well as reduce risks with the long-term storage of physical files. Our per-box per-month pricing model allows efficient scaling of storage costs as your business needs and document volumes change.

Key Document Storage Features:

  • DRC oversight and management of stored documents
  • Labeling of boxes and maintenance of your inventory by the DRC
  • Installation of additional boxes on-demand
  • Retrieval of boxes or files on-demand during normal business hours
  • Options for delivery by courier of your documents
  • Option for temporary workspace to review documents onsite while at the DRC facility

Housed on the 2nd floor of Citrus Grove, one of the most structurally sound buildings in the Caribbean, the DRC occupies more than 4,000 square feet of disaster recovery workspace which is divided up into:

  • Four and six seat recovery suites
  • Single seats
  • On-demand multiple seating areas