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Integrated Risk Management

A comprehensive report series that explores risk frameworks, governance and intelligence platforms

Connecting the various parts of your business while keeping abreast of the impacts that social and political developments, weather or natural events, and cyber-attacks can bring isn’t easy. This series of reports on integrated risk management highlights how centralizing decisions and bringing disciplines together can make for improved decision-making and lead to a more effective approach.

One small step

Recent years have severely tested risk governance and risk management capabilities at most organizations.

Sound risk governance—as opposed to “performative” risk governance–enables executives to make better decisions given the uncertainties.

Risks are identified, tracked, reported, and acted upon in habitual ways. Tasks are seen as routine chores rather than vital activities.

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The connecting force

Driven by forces such as globalization and dependence on information technology, risks and risk events are more interrelated than ever.

An integrated platform bridges siloes and provides an enterprise-wide view of risks.

An integrated platform aggregates and analyzes risk data across the organization and delivers risk information to relevant parties.

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Seeking new horizons

Navigating the constellation of markets, events and opportunities to preserve value and sustain growth.

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Preparing for a sustainable future

Harnessing the Power of Risk Management to propel your ESG Strategy and Objectives.

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Mission unity

Building cohesive risk management to realize your purpose and achieve your planet, people and growth goals.

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The biggest milestone

Transforming your capabilities and culture with confidence through unchartered space.

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Greater intelligence

Developing early warning radar to get ahead of emerging risks and opportunities.

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Orbital forces

Integrating risk and assurance forces across the enterprise to build a cohesive system to manage risk well.

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