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Valuation Services in the Cayman Islands

Helping assess value in today's complex environment

How we can help

Our Valuation services help you make decisions confidently, enhance your results, and help you get ahead of key issues. Deloitte brings deep experience in valuing, modeling, and analyzing business interests and their underlying assets, including real estate, fixed assets, intellectual property, and complex financial instruments, unlocking their value in in today’s marketplace.

Utilizing our highly specialized skills, and a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and industry, we provide transformative insights to ultimately turn critical and complex issues and transactions into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage.

From equity to capital assets, real estate portfolios, intellectual property, intangible assets and securities, the Valuation team helps clients quantify, manage, and build value. We serve as advisors ondecisions related to mergers and acquisitions, litigation and disputes, bankruptcy and reorganization, financial reporting, taxation and strategic planning, and compliance.

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Section 238 Minority Squeeze Out/Dissenting Shareholder Demands—We act as expert witness and provide opinions on the consideration to be received or paid in related party transactions including minority squeeze out and dissenting shareholder demands for fair value payment for their shares as prescribed under companies law legislation in the Cayman Islands.

Fund Portfolio Valuation—we work with hedge fund and other alternative managers who need rigorous, objective valuation analyses of their diverse, complex and often illiquid investments. Our experience includes interacting with audit colleagues with special knowledge in complying with U.S. GAAP or IAS.

Fairness Opinions—boards of directors considering the purchase or sale of significant assets or business interests usually seek fairness opinions. Our valuation professionals frequently advise boards on transactions such as mergers and consolidations, acquisitions, divestitures, unsolicited offers, tender offers, financial restructurings.

Litigation Valuation—our professionals can provide credible valuation-focused expert witness testimony and opinions in court proceedings. We also provide valuation services in support of arbitration, pre-trial planning, depositions, shareholder dissolution and purchase price disputes, third party analysis, intellectual property infringement analysis, and calculations of damages caused by infringement.

Business Valuation Consulting—whether evaluating strategic alternatives, acquisitions, or new ventures, our valuation professionals can provide pricing and strategic analysis to reinforce your decision making. We often produce quantitative models for companies like yours when they are evaluating strategic options, considering a transformational transaction, or undertaking an important project. These models can help you make better decisions and increase stakeholder value by simplifying project dynamics and allowing “what if” analysis with robust, insightful analysis, flexibility, customization and reliability.

Financial Reporting & Tax Valuation—whether you need to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or most other generally accepted accounting principles, you need to address evolving changes in “fair value” accounting. To the extent that an increasing number of assets and liabilities lack readily established market values, you need to rely on valuation models that are developed based on methods and assumptions that can be highly judgmental. We can help you, because our professionals understand the dynamics of fair value measurement and have access to relevant expertise and resources whether you need assistance with purchase price allocation for accounting,considering impairment of assets, or valuing financial instruments and derivatives

Tangible Asset Valuation—Our professionals can value tangible assets in a broad range of business contexts. Our real estate practitioners consult with real estate and financial services companies on leasing, due diligence, and other valuation issues.

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