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Asset Realization services in the Cayman Islands

Wind down management and illiquid asset sales

A common concern faced by investment managers, directors and investors in the alternative investment industry are illiquid asset positions residing in historical investment vehicles that have suspended operations.

Wind down management and illiquid asset sales

Whether it relates to illiquid investments in fund-of-funds, private debt or equity, or positions resulting from pending litigation or insolvency proceedings, a large number of entities currently sit in a state of limbo and continue to incur excessive service provider costs without an effective strategy or plan for realizing the assets.

In these situations, Deloitte can offer a solution that can help maximize the value returned to investors.  In recent years our team has served in various capacities to assist our clients with these challenges, from restructuring and managing a low cost realization platform for medium to long term portfolio realization timeline, or providing advice and facilitating a one-off asset or portfolio sale process to a secondary market purchaser.

Our proven track record is a reflection of the expertise, knowledge, and the value added by Deloitte in managing the successful wind down and /or realization of illiquid asset positions.

By exploring what alternatives exist and implementing a plan of action, current management can achieve a variety of benefits including:

  • Preserve investor confidence – taking a proactive approach to implement a strategic solution and path towards realizing illiquid asset positions will strengthen investor relations
  • Reduce expense burn – significant savings can be achieved by renegotiating the scope of service or terminating current service providers
  • Ability to stay involved - current management knowledge, oversight and control can be retained 
  • Retain proven expertise – Deloitte’s global reputation, level of resources and experience inspires confidence in all stakeholders
  • Meet fiduciary responsibilities – seeking cost reductions and implementing a realization plan can assist directors in demonstrating that they are meeting their fiduciary duties

Our experienced professionals are available to provide a tailored solution that meets the demands and offers a wide range of benefits to both management and investors.