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Portfolio Valuation Operate services

Operate with clarity and confidence.

Valuations are increasingly complex—and more critical than ever to get right. Deloitte’s Portfolio Valuation Operate services bring continuous clarity and confidence to your valuation operations by embedding innovative technologies and valuation professionals with diverse knowledge and industry expertise to drive efficiency, reduce risk and free resources for other strategic priorities.

Embed continuous clarity and confidence in your valuation operations.

Advances in technology, increased scrutiny from regulators and auditors, and talent shortages mean that valuation operations and fair values have become more complex and more critical to get right. Cost-effective, independent, accurate and recurring valuation operations today demand scale, industry expertise and the ability to blend know-how with leading technologies.

Deloitte’s Portfolio Valuation Operate service answers that imperative by combining powerful technologies, like ValueD, with teams of global specialists spanning industries, markets and asset classes to embed sustainable operations that match the pace of shifting demands and provide real-time competitive advantage.

We can help you achieve the right blend of capabilities for continuous clarity and confidence in your valuation process to drive efficiency, reduce risk and free resources for other strategic priorities.

Our Portfolio Valuation Operate services are customized to meet your specific needs and deliver high-quality execution at sustainable cost.

  • Establishment and implementation of valuation policies and procedures
  • Monthly, quarterly and/or annual valuation of alternative investments, including but not limited to positions in equity, credit and structured products 
  • Tax-related valuations, such as valuations of entities, including carried, LP, or GP interests
  • Negotiation-related support for portfolio asset or corporate acquisitions, such as analysis of value drivers, risk mitigation strategies, or valuations for fund transfers
  • Valuations of principals’ holdings and fund manager remuneration
  • Roll-forward for indirect fund investments (NAVs)
  • Independent assessments of valuation activities, including those that connect with various other segments within a client’s organization

How Portfolio Valuation Operate works

Complexity and scrutiny are accelerating for institutional investors, from asset managers and private equity firms to family funds and pension funds. Deloitte brings valuation perspectives that are in-tune with an ever-evolving marketplace and across all asset classes.

We embed sustainable valuation operations that match the pace of shifting demands to provide real-time competitive advantage, using our combination of global specialists, innovative technologies and deep valuation know-how.

Innovative, efficient and cost-effective valuation operations from one of the world’s largest valuation practices can help you confidently meet increased scrutiny from investors, regulators and auditors.

Embed continuous advantage. Operate with Deloitte.

Organizations are looking to grow and innovate. New disruptive technologies are both making and breaking them. With sought-after skills often scarce and an evolving legal and regulatory environment challenging, it’s hard to keep up, let alone respond to the pace of change that’s reshaping business today.

Deloitte offers you a new way to embed continuous advantage by delivering the right combination of hard-to-source domain and industry talent, technology and transformation know-how, where they’re needed most. Even as needs change.

You remain in the driver’s seat while we focus on delivering outcomes. From cybersecurity to tax compliance, to custom application creation and ongoing development, our unique portfolio of Operate services allow you to perform and innovate continuously, accelerate growth, and manage risk with confidence.

This is an opportunity to move beyond traditional outsourced services into a world where you operate with agility, through embedded experience, cutting-edge technology and automation, data insights, and advantage needed to maximize opportunities again and again.


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