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Pacifico Global Advisors Ltd. [In Liquidation]

By an order dated 21st of July, A.D., 2021 of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1992 (the “Court Order”), Mr. Mark Munnings and Ms. Tiphaney Russell were appointed as Joint Liquidators of Pacifico Global Advisors (“PGA”) (the “Joint Official Liquidators”).

This website serves as a means to communicate periodic updates to the creditors, clients and investors of Pacifico Global Advisors Ltd. (“PGA") [In Liquidation] on PGA’s liquidation proceedings and any other relevant information.

In consideration of access made available to the Deloitte - PGA (In Liquidation) website (the “Site”), the recipient hereby agrees to keep confidential all information contained herein or made available for download on the Site. Access to the Site has been granted to stakeholders for information purposes only and upon the express understanding that it will be used only for information purposes relating to the Liquidation. No information made available on the Site should be disclosed, in whole or in part, to any other party without the express permission of the Joint Liquidators. Any reference to Creditors is not intended to be nor does it constitute an admission that the recipient or any party is in fact a creditor of the Company.

Queries can be directed to:  and a representative of the Liquidators will respond.