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Dispute and Litigation Services

Deloitte Cayman Islands - Helping clients to resolve and avoid complex disputes, and strengthen their position with clear and focused attention.

Litigation and complex business disputes are a growing risk for corporations around the world. They have the potential to disrupt business, damage reputations, and generate significant costs. Internal and external legal counsel play vital roles, but other specialists may also be needed to influence the outcome. Experienced, effective litigation and dispute consultants can provide valuable insight and clarity to help manage risk, create value, and power performance.

Our services


Leveraging their expertise in engineering, architecture, business, accounting, and law, Deloitte’s professionals analyze and help clients address delay and damage claims, fraud, unforeseen site conditions, change orders, inefficiencies, contract terminations, and project management issues. We also provide project management oversight for both public- and private-sector projects and serve as construction industry testifying experts.


Our professionals are skilled communicators in trials and other dispute resolution forums with years of experience testifying before judges, juries, and arbitrators in complicated areas of business, economics, and finance. We can also assist in screening, coordinating, and preparing other expert witnesses.

For companies facing a significant claim or group of related claims with the potential to disrupt normal business activity, we offer support in crisis management, incident response, project management, accounting, law, and data and claims processing. 

We assist with identifying and assessing potential strengths and weaknesses of an opponent’s damages position, settlement offers, and cost/benefit analyses to help clients effectively manage their case strategies.

We help perform market and competitive analyses, cost determinations, lost-profit analyses, economic studies, statistical analyses, and industry reviews to help our clients develop credible damages theories and models appropriate to a case’s issues. We also assist with the critique of the adversary’s position.

Our dispute capabilities, coupled with our deep life sciences and health care experience, enable us to provide valuable insight and credible expert witness testimony in situations such as litigation between payers and providers, disputes between parties in mergers or joint ventures, and False Claims Act litigation. We bring a multidisciplinary team of seasoned industry dispute and investigation specialists, along with health care advisory professionals, to help organizations analyze the credibility and potential exposure of qui tam allegations, effectively rebut those allegations, and assist as expert witness testifiers if the matter gets litigated.

From IP litigation to strategy, licensing negotiations, financial evaluation, monetization, and contract investigation and compliance, we offer an array of IP-related services. We review IP case law, closely monitor new precedents, and are well-versed in the requirements and nuances of damages theories established in landmark decisions. We also assist in discovery, deposition preparation, settlement strategies, trial preparation, and expert witness testimony.

Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory offers forensic accounting, corporate investigations, and financial analysis skills for securities litigation and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations, including all phases of 10b-5 litigation, SEC enforcement actions, and other regulatory investigations. We help identify and analyze documents, including electronic evidence, and assist with conducting interviews to help distill the complex information obtained in these investigations into a readily understandable format. We also help calculate the economic, industry, and company-specific factors that can affect an organization's stock price.


We can help assess risk and damages exposure, perform financial analyses and develop damages theories, and provide objective, robust and independent insight and advice to help clients in the resolution and avoidance of disputes throughout the dispute lifecycle. We work to simplify complex technical information, bringing specialist expertise to bear in appropriate circumstances and focus on the core issues arising. In conjunction with industry and technical experience, Deloitte’s disputes experience includes familiarity with formal dispute resolution processes, preparation of robust written reports and opinions and the provision of expert testimony.