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Valuation Services in Bermuda

Helping assess value in today’s complex environment




Deloitte provides financial advisory services in valuations, M&A transactions, restructuring, forensic investigations and corporate finance. Our valuation professionals can help you identify complex business and transaction issues, analyze alternatives, provide solutions – and then help you execute on those solutions.

Global Strength. Local Delivery.

Our global presence allows us to complement our local team with the skills and relevant industry expertise of highly qualified professionals across the globe. This enables us to seamlessly perform large and complex cross-border business and transaction issues.

Our services

For companies looking to evaluate strategic alternatives, acquisitions, or new ventures, valuation services can provide strategic pricing analyses to reinforce their decision making. For business owners looking to divest their ownership, valuation professionals are able to provide salability analysis and assist in determining an appropriate value for the business, along with assisting the clients in marketing their business to potential buyers.

Whether needing to comply with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or U.S. GAAP, companies need to address the “fair value” accounting principles when assets and liabilities lack readily established markets values. Valuation professionals establish fair value of assets and liabilities acquired in a business combination, along with working with the client to assist them in addressing any questions from auditors.

In the unfortunate event of a divorce, courts will often require a fair value of all assets held by both parties. When one of those parties own a business, the fair market value of the business would be required. Valuation professionals would act as an independent third-party to provide a value of the business along with credible valuation-focused expert witness testimony and opinions.

We work with hedge fund and other alternative investment managers who need rigorous, objective valuation analyses of their diverse, complex and often illiquid investments. Our experience includes interacting with audit colleagues with specialized knowledge in complying with U.S. GAAP or IFRS.

We act as expert witnesses and provide opinions on the consideration to be received or paid in related party transactions including minority squeeze out and dissenting shareholder demands for fair value payment for their shares as prescribed under companies law legislation in Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands.

Increased scrutiny by investors and regulators in today’s market require boards to be mindful of demonstrating their duties of loyalty and care. Our professionals can provide opinions on the financial fairness of the consideration to be paid or received for an asset or business. Transactions can include going private, minority buy-outs, sale or merger transactions without an auction, or transactions with no investment banker or advisor.

Deloitte has a strong presence in the Caribbean and Bermuda, with more than 500 professionals dedicated to bringing their talents to bear on our clients’ unique issues. The Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda countries serves the English-speaking Caribbean from offices in The Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, British and United States Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago. Though we operate in multiple countries, our professionals have a single focus: to help clients navigate their business challenges and achieve success.

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Our team consists of practitioners with specialist fields of expertise and deep industry knowledge, as well as significant practical experience.