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Family Office

Achieving ambition.

Managing risk.

Leaving a legacy.

Helping to solve a wide range of family office and private wealth matters

Deloitte’s multidisciplinary family office and high net worth teams have extensive experience in working with families to achieve their objectives, implement their wealth strategies around the world, and establish long-term structures fit for the future.

Tailored services for family offices

Our aim is to help articulate, address, and achieve clarity regarding your priorities, wants, and needs in order to help define and execute an effective strategy that preserves a family’s wealth and legacy into the future.

We provide our support to families and family offices through a number of tailored services.

It is vital that a family office is equipped to deliver the family’s vision and that the objectives of the family, family members, and their family offices are aligned.

Deloitte supports:

  • Design and build of family offices
  • Strategy formation and review
  • Establishment of governance and operational structures
  • Design of reward structures
  • Review of existing family office operations

Preserving the family’s assets and reputation are a key responsibility of the family and family office and nowhere more so than in the area of tax.  The tax landscape is complex—regimes and regulations have always varied and increasingly there is more transparency and information sharing between authorities, robustness of tax audits, and a public interest in responsible tax. Deloitte can help.

We support:

  • Asset and jurisdiction mapping
  • Tax strategy
  • Governance
  • Tax audit readiness
  • Resolution of disputes with tax authorities  around the globe

How do you know that what you think you have is actually what you have?

Deloitte provides statutory and non-statutory audit services to support families and family office executives by providing an independent view on the completeness and accuracy of accounting records, and the valuation of the wealth of the family.

In addition to this, we also perform the following:

  • Physical asset verification• Internal audit support
  • Operational assurance reviews—looking at the control environment, governance, investment process and IT—amongst other things depending on the needs of the family office
  • Hard to value asset verifications and independent valuations
  • Investment valuation governance support and best practice recommendations
  • Investment due diligence

In today’s world, families are increasingly mobile, often based in multiple jurisdictions and travelling extensively. This drives the need to understand their tax position and immigration status, and have family wealth structures that are fit for purpose.

Deloitte provides:

  • Multijurisdiction tax advice on relocation of family members
  • Global tax reporting
  • Cross-border reporting and information exchange
  • Advice on wealth structures that cater for the needs of global families
  • Immigration support including visas and citizenship applications

An effective family office implements an investment strategy that manages the balance between the desire for long-term wealth preservation, the income needs of the family and the objectives of the current generation.

Deloitte supports:

  • Strategic advice regarding investment objectives
  • Identification of potential investment opportunities
  • “Hands-on” transaction execution
  • Commercial, financial and tax due diligence, and tax advice on structuring of investments
  • Debt and capital advisory services

Whether it’s the financing of an office acquisition, investing in a global real estate fund, or structuring the development of retail and residential mixed-use assets,  we care about all our investors’ concerns.

Deloitte can help with:

  • Property investment advisory services
  • Transaction support through the life cycle
  • Capital allowances
  • Investment in hotels

Cyber has become a top business risk with targeted data breaches and ransomware attacks on the rise. Statistics indicate that family offices are attractive targets for and more frequent victims of cyberattacks.

Deloitte has a catalog of cyber and technology risk services designed to strengthen family offices’ cybersecurity postures, including:

  • Risk assessment: understanding your risk exposure
  • Security strategy: developing your security approach
  • Security awareness: growing your people’s “security muscles”
  • Resilience and recovery: preparing for potential breaches

Only by understanding what is important to a family and its current and future needs can a family define and execute a strategy that both preserves wealth across generations and allows personal and financial objectives to be met.

Deloitte supports:

  • Succession planning
  • Next generation education
  • Estate planning and wealth structures for long-term wealth preservation

 A strategic approach to value and impact is as important for philanthropic activities as it is for a family’s investments.

Deloitte can help with:

  • Design of the philanthropic structure to meet the family’s requirements
  • Ongoing tax advice