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International Lending Agencies (ILA)/Donor Organizations

Consulting Services in the US Virgin Islands

We possess deep specialized expertise in capacity development, public-private partnerships, infrastructure development, disaster and climate risk management and environmental sustainability, public sector financial management, governance and gender equality.

CBC ILA Center of Excellence

The Caribbean Bermuda Countries (“CBC”) established a dedicated ILA Center of Excellence (“CoE”) to focus on mission critical needs of the donor community throughout the Caribbean. The CoE is staffed with senior professionals with deep and relevant experience and knowledge of the ILA (Donor) project requirements. The primary role of the CBC ILA CoE is to provide oversight, advise, support and leadership to the CBC offices. The CoE is a focal point to secure the best qualified resources available within the CBC and the broader Deloitte worldwide firm to support ILA projects in the Caribbean.

Delivering on the Mission

Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to solving the Caribbean’s most complex development challenges by bringing innovative solutions and integrated systems based approaches to achieve sustainable results. We draw upon our worldwide network to provide regional and localized solutions tailored to the needs and challenges of each situation. Deloitte specializes in implementing large-scale development programs in the areas of private and public sector development, economic growth, sustainable energy, water, fiscal reform, health systems strengthening, public financial management, social and gender inclusion, supply chain and risk management, and democracy and governance.

Accelerating Development Impact

Deloitte designs and implements innovative public and private sector solutions that accelerate results and achieve development impact. We are committed to bring new ideas and thought leadership to international development for improved decision-making, innovative financing models, social enterprise, collaborative co-facilitation techniques, human-centered design and market-based strategies to deliver high-quality solutions and products.

Services Supporting Mission Implementation

Our approaches are drawn from our insights working on similar efforts in the public and private sectors, including donor organizations worldwide, which enables us to accelerate results by using proven techniques, solutions and work products. As an industry leader enabling donor agencies and commercial clients solve complex problems using our multi-disciplinary solutions to improve organizational performance, we have immense capabilities in information management, IT systems and infrastructure, digital and data analytics, cyber security, compliance, mobility services, anti-fraud and corruption, human capital transformation, change and performance management, and financial system transformation.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Public financial management, innovative financing and domestic resource management
  • Energy (oil, gas, renewable), water, ports, transportation, travel and hospitality, manufacturing and infrastructure
  • development
  • Education, health and tax systems and service delivery
  • Governance, including sub-national governance, local economic development, municipal finance
  • Government accountability, integrity and public services delivery
  • Agriculture and fisheries food security and sustainability
  • Urban development and sustainable cities
  • Cross-cutting areas: gender, youth and social inclusion, social impact measurement, private sector partnerships and alliances

Financial Audits of Contractors, Recipient and Host Government Entities

Perform financial audits of contractor, recipients and host government entities in accordance with U.S. Government Auditing Standards to determine specific audit objectives, including:

  • Express an opinion on the fund accountability statement
  • Evaluate recipient’s internal control environment, assess control risk and identify deficiencies including material weaknesses
  • Perform tests to determine whether the recipient complied, in all material respects, with agreement terms and applicable laws and regulations
  • Perform audit of indirect cost rate(s), if applicable and
  • Determine if recipient has taken adequate corrective action on prior audit report recommendations.

CBC ILA Center of Excellence

Deloitte member firms have led many complex efforts throughout the world, providing a broad portfolio of services and integrated solutions to support virtually all areas of ILAs and Donor Organizations, especially USAID, World Bank, United Nations, Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Development Bank of Jamaica, and Department for International Development (DFID).