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The resilient family enterprise series #5 of 6

Cultivating a post-COVID “workplace”

Articles in the Resilient Family Enterprise series examine how COVID-19 brings new focus to family business issues like succession planning, values and purpose, legacy, and more.

Despite their reputation for resilience, optimism and agility, most family businesses have been under significant pressure to respond to the general health, safety, and welfare challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the operational disruptions to their business. 

The Resilient Family Enterprise series explores how the same traits that set family businesses apart are creating authentic opportunities for resilience, growth, and recovery. Read the latest article in the series: Cultivating a post-COVID workplace.

No company can avoid the imperative to change in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic. The goal is to come out of this period with a strategy that will help us thrive in the next normal, navigating uncertainty and change together.

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