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Accelerate your GBS transformation

Deloitte helps enterprises evolve their global business services (GBS) for excellent employee experiences, streamlined service delivery, and continuous improvement.

The GBS evolution: from vision to value

Businesses are investing in GBS to amplify the impact of their technology and teams.

Yet, while the promise of GBS is appealing for many, the prospect of implementing this model can be daunting, because:

  • Different organizational functions often work in silos.
  • These siloed functions may use disparate technologies and working methods.
  • They may be operating at different levels of digital maturity.

To deliver streamlined experiences for end-to-end journeys, businesses should embark on end-to-end transformation—with a clear vision and defined path to value.

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A new mindset for GBS

Streamline and simplify your GBS journey with Deloitte's Engage, Act, Perform framework

GBS can encompass both shared services and outsourcing, and is intended to create alignment among enabling functions—like human resources (HR), information technology (IT), and finance—by serving as a single enterprise organization. Through Deloitte’s “Engage, Act, Perform” framework, these GBS organizations can serve as digital vanguards in their enterprise, delivering value through a growth mindset and a focus on business impact.

Put humans at the heart of your design and create a one-stop-shop for GBS services—for better, more consistent experiences.

By providing a single GBS portal, you can help enable users to access multiple GBS functions and knowledge articles using the devices and channels that are most convenient for them. 

The GBS portal acts as an engagement layer that integrates services across different functions. This conceals the complexity of working on disparate technologies. 

Go beyond robotic task automation and digitize work across functional silos to help reduce costs, accelerate service delivery, and resolve issues.

Automated workflows reduce energy spent on repetitive tasks and allow workers to focus on higher-value work. All of this improves engagement and gives employees time back.

And we’ll help you empower GBS agents with better workspaces and tools. This will ultimately help improve the work experience of your people, as they serve your enterprise.

Build a GBS command center to track KPIs in real time. This provides robust insights and analytics from across the enterprise—powering continuous service improvement and helping you target investment spend.

We help amplify the benefits of advanced analytics by identifying improvement opportunities across end-to-end processes, rather than isolated tasks. And with persona-oriented dashboards that integrate information from the edge-to-edge journeys served, you’ll gain the insights you need to make data-driven decisions. 

In addition, real-time analytics help measure and demonstrate the value of GBS leaders as strategic partners for their peers in the enterprise.

Starting small—and growing fast

Although the transition to GBS may be intimidating, the potential to improve service agility, quality, and speed is clear. With GBS on Now, Deloitte helps businesses at every step of the journey—with speed, scale, and insight.

Starting small

Offer a one-stop shop for GBS services—so employees can use one portal for all their service or information requests.

With this taxonomy, the enterprise can better organize their services to create a global service portfolio. And by classifying the available services, they can also enable more effective knowledge management.

With a global service catalog that is vertically and horizontally integrated across a few strategic enterprise functions and user intent, GBS organizations can provide enhanced experiences for users, even when their requests are complex.

This capability allows organizations to create, curate, and harvest knowledge to power continuous improvement. At the same time, it can enable self-service, ensuring that people have access to the information they need, when they need it.

A unified portal enables self-service and boosts operational efficiency by providing access to the service catalog and knowledge management. And the data it captures can provide real-time visibility into order volume, velocity, and automation levels.

Growing fast

Drive the flow of work across silos by enabling self-service and automating many repetitive tasks.

Provide users with a single, first point-of-contact to access more—or all—GBS functions via universal request or virtual agent support on mobile or desktop portals. This enables self-service capabilities for employees, along with relevant, in-the-moment knowledge articles and real-time status updates. In addition, organizations can improve engagement and give back time to GBS agents and end users.

Use the power of ServiceNow  to workflow user journeys for edge-to-edge, delivery-integrating services across different functions. A unified system of action can conceal the complexity of working on disparate technologies while improving how agents work from end-to-end. The result is reduced “swivel-chairing” between different tools and significantly improved resolution times.

Shift routine work away from email, phone, and desk agents, and provide fast access to care agents so they can quickly resolve highly sensitive and complex problems. With better workspaces and tools that are integrated with back-end enterprise systems, GBS agents can effectively improve the work experience of the organization’s people.

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