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Deloitte drives smart digital supply networks

Oracle cloud changes supply chain modernization

Does your organization know the transformative gains of a digital supply network? You can leverage market disruptions to beat the competition with dynamic and integrated information on physical production and distribution with a fully networked ecosystem. Deloitte is helping to shape the next generation of Oracle Supply Chain and Manufacturing Cloud solutions to drive more smart moves.

Evolve smart with a digital solution


Deloitte can guide your transformation journey from a traditional, linear supply chain to a dynamic, digital supply network designed to connect your entire ecosystem. We offer renowned industry experience in technology, strategy and operations, human capital, and cyber risk to help build a resilient and comprehensive supply network solution with scale. Our integrated, comprehensive model leverages market disruptors to drive innovation and value with pioneering ideas on how to evolve business.

With a tailored approach, we can minimize risk as you connect to the cloud and access the latest technologies including machine learning, IoT and AI. Choose a big bang, full-scope transformation or start small to progressively adapt to digital change and realize the impact of a dynamic, digital supply chain. Either way, you can speed up decision making at business-critical moments and manage adjustments to reach production and distribution goals using one streamlined data platform accessible from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

Increase visibility from idea development to customer adoption using a Digital Twin approach to improve product quality and maintenance downtime.

Pre-built dashboard delivers end to end visibility with advanced analytics to monitor, execute, and predict the factory health management throughout all facilities with Oracle IoT Cloud and Analytics Cloud.

Real-time collaboration and live data sharing such as demand forecasting, trend analysis across supply networks with Oracle Cloud collaboration and portal capabilities.

Dynamically accommodate business requirements for route, driver, and fuel optimization with geo fence advanced notification to customers and utilize Cloud to scale these tools across networks.

Advanced AI algorithms rationalize global part numbers, suppliers, and purchasing volume to compute the optimal product and supply mix, ordering policy, and inventory controls to minimize cost.

Oracle SCM Virtual Summit Videos

Listen to Bissell describe how they managed a surge in demand during a global pandemic, their transition to a new manufacturing location and how virtualization enabled them to be more responsive and adaptive for changes in supply chain.

Bissell responds to demand with global supply chain resilience >

Hear from Deloitte on how leading organizations are using digital supply networks enabled by Oracle Cloud applications to dramatically improve visibility across the end-to-end supply chain and enhance collaboration and agility.

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Deloitte Consulting's supply chain expert Nicole Wilkinson shares five important steps organizations should take to start their journey to the cloud. It's not one size fits all. Your migration must focus on what is needed—no matter how big or small.

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Smart manufacturing starts at the Smart Factory @ Wichita

Merging existing technologies with new innovations can be challenging for manufacturers relying on legacy operations and systems – and it is not one size fits all. Together, Deloitte and Wichita State University are helping companies accelerate their digital transformations with immersive smart factory experiences that demonstrate how the next level of technological innovation can drive competitiveness and efficiency.

Get inspired by the Smart Factory experience where digital, physical, and experimental come together. Visitors are immersed into a simulation that requires Industry 4.0 capabilities to solve real business problems and engage with a multitude of Smart Factory applications.

The Smart Factory @ Wichita demonstrates how manufacturers can evolve for the future and up-level their capabilities and processes through technological innovation

Smart Factory data indicates:

  • 64% of manufacturers are currently building supply chain ecosystems
  • 69% of manufacturers are currently building production ecosystems
  • 83% believe they will transform the way products are made in five years*
  • 85% of manufacturers agree to the growing importance of ecosystems
  • 86% of manufacturers believe smart factory solutions will be the main driver of competitiveness in five years

But realizing the full value of smart factory investments requires a culture of continuous learning, collaboration, and evolution with a human-centered approach. To stay smart, smart factories need to focus on what is needed – no matter how big or small – to keep evolving along with new technology advances and other changes.

Smart Factory applications

  • Reverse engineering
  • Additive manufacturing
  • IoT & Automation
  • AR & VR
  • Command center
  • Robot dog

Smart Factory value

  • Up to 20% improved asset efficiency
  • Up to 30% reduced costs
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) improvement
  • Up to 35% improved quality
  • Up to 20% enhanced agility
  • Up to 10% improved safety & sustainability

Explore The Smart Factory

Deloitte Ascend™ streamlines digital transformation with Oracle Cloud

Optimize operations through a set of industry-specific digital enablers that provide a real jumpstart to digital transformation. Deloitte Ascend™ can amplify and accelerate cloud migration with continuous innovation throughout the entire ecosystem—from the front office to the back office.

Explore Deloitte Ascend™

Customer successes

Titan Intl executives explain how Oracle Cloud Apps have benefited their organization. Titan chose to make the switch from their previous on-premises ERP and SCM systems, including Infor Lawson Software to Oracle ERP, IoT, and SCM cloud applications.

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Moving to an automated cloud-based from on-premises system, General Dynamics realizes streamlined and integrated processes that improve operational efficiencies.

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FedEx now responds to business challenges in real time through cloud automation and standardization of more than 220 operations using more than 40 Oracle Cloud applications and more than 25 digital assistants.

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Oracle Cloud SCM enabled Bissell to transform and improve demand forecasting and product lifecycle management to help the organization adapt its business considering global disruptions.

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Ballard Power is commercializing fuel cell technology. Learn how Oracle Supply Chain Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud are helping it develop world-class manufacturing.

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In this on-demand webinar, Conrad Emmerich, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain at Atrium Health, joins Oracle’s Kristen Miles and Deloitte’s Melanie Reid as they share their experience on how the transition from manual and disconnected business systems to fully electronic and integrated — with the implementation of Oracle Cloud for Finance and Supply Chain — resulted in quantifiable business & IT benefits for the organisation.

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