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Deloitte is home to some of the firm’s most iconic clients, who serve a common mission, to deliver global social, economic and environmental impact in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, from a business and technology view, to help you lead in the markets where you compete.

International Lending Agencies (ILA)/Donor Organizations

Deloitte member firms have led many complex efforts throughout the world, providing a broad portfolio of services and integrated solutions to support virtually all areas of ILAs and Donor Organizations, especially USAID, World Bank, United Nations, Caribbean Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank. We provide services in many areas including health and human services, tax and revenue management, financial management, defense, law and justice, transportation, security, education and not for-profit. Deloitte provides the expertise and tools to help their clients address a full spectrum of challenges—from accrual accounting and security to developing systems for specialized areas such as inventory management, asset and fleet management, and water resource management.

CBC ILA Center of Excellence (CoE)

The Caribbean Bermuda Countries (“CBC”) practice recently established a dedicated ILA Center of Excellence (“CoE”) based in the CBC while working closely with the Deloitte ILA Global team in Washington, D.C. The CoE is staffed with senior professionals with deep and relevant experience and knowledge of the ILA (Donor) project requirements. The primary role of the CBC ILA CoE is to provide oversight, advise, support and leadership to the CBC offices. The CoE is a focal point to secure the best qualified resources available within the CBC and the broader Deloitte worldwide firm to support ILA projects in the Caribbean.

Our teams engage Deloitte’s local expertise, global network and specialized capabilities to deliver differentiated solutions in recipient regions across the Caribbean.

Our Services

International Lending Agencies are under more intense scrutiny than ever before. In a time of excessive public debt and fiscal austerity, the need for accountability and transparency in the Donor sector is more critical than ever. Many agencies and organizations are taking their accounting responsibilities more seriously and have decided to report on a more comprehensive basis. Deloitte member firms’ in-depth knowledge of financial reporting makes us well-equipped to support this transition from cash to accrual accounting and help governments with the challenges they will face.

The International Lending and Donor sector faces unprecedented risks — and opportunities. With change driven by political uncertainty, budgetary constraints, constituency demands, technological innovation, and regulatory pressures, organizations and agencies around the world are rapidly transforming. Clearly, new approaches are required to minimize the risks and maximize the opportunities facing agencies and organizations. The range of RA services span issues such as budget constraints and accountability, financial reform, healthcare reform, security and privacy, aging population, and technology.

Finance specialists in Deloitte member firms provide financial, economic and strategic advice for clients in one or more of the following key areas: dispute consulting and forensic investigations, reorganization services, valuation and finance. In some member firms, legal practitioners provide a full range of legal services, spanning everything from environmental regulations and employment law to intellectual property rights and international trade. Each of these areas work seamlessly together to provide Deloitte member firms’ clients with a complete service offering.

Deloitte member firms offer a range of consulting services—strategy and operations, human capital, technology, enterprise applications and outsourcing—to help International Lending and Donor clients tackle today’s most pressing challenges. Deloitte member firm consultants combine deep knowledge of the Donor sector with world-class experience in business and technology. Working with a worldwide network of alliance partners, member firms have helped clients develop award-winning solutions that make government more accessible, efficient and effective.

Most operating decisions have tax implications—even in the Donor sector. Deloitte member firms provide trusted, valued advice on the most pressing tax issues, while delivering practical, well-crafted tax solutions specifically tuned to the unique requirements of government.