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Games without fans: How sports organizations can thrive now, and in the long term

Thrive: Guidance for sports executives

With the sports ecosystem seeking to find the Next Normal and return to regular play, the quiet new reality without the electricity of the crowd not only changes the atmosphere of the game for the players and fans but also for broadcasters and other business interests. As leagues prepare to play behind closed doors, they must evaluate short- and long-term challenges and opportunities for everyone involved to make sure that sports recover and thrive in a post-COVID world.

Topics covered in this article:

• Athletes and intensity: Using technology help fill this breach in the game-day environment.

• Fans and Engagement: Organizations need to identify and invest in innovations that unlock long-term digital engagement and reinvent the fan experience.

• Broadcasters and relevance: Finding ways to make sports content compelling without the energy of fans in the stands. Can a digital-only sports ecosystem accelerate audience globalization?

• Practical next steps for long-term success

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