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Meet Kelsey Dixon

Deloitte Scholarship student, returning summer intern and current full-time employee. Kelsey has been a full-time Consultant in our Cayman Islands internal Information Systems team since 2017.


What is your chosen career path? How did you choose this career?

My chosen career path is Information Technology (IT). I have not yet decided what section of IT I want to go into but interning at Deloitte has really developed my interest in this field.

What have you gained from your internships with Deloitte?

I have gained in-depth exposure to the information systems field as well as strong mentors who are always willing to give advice and help guide my vision for beginning my career.

What have you enjoyed most about your internships with Deloitte? 

I really enjoy the fact that I have had the opportunity to work on a host of different projects of varying degrees of complexity. Though I am an intern, I am delegated or involved in important projects that help me to grow as an IT professional. Every year there is always a different project that I am able to learn about and help with!

Another aspect I enjoy is the working environment - I have definitely developed close relationships with my colleagues. I feel as though I am part of a family and the contributions I make are important.  

What are skills you learned in your studies that have prepared you for this internship?

I believe that time management is a key skill. I've had to learn to distribute my time for each class I am enrolled in at school and I definitely apply these skills when working on multiple projects at a time during my internships.

How has your internship prepared you for university studies/classes and/or future full-time employment?

My internships have helped me to understand the concepts I am being taught in class, why they are important and how they relate to IT processes. Having this knowledge and practical experience has made my university courses much more interesting.

University attended: University of British Columbia, CA

Degree: Bachelor's in Computer Science

Internships with Deloitte: Four


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Kelsey's advice for students interested in the Deloitte Exclusive Experience Program:

"There is so much to learn from everyone here, get involved with all you can!"