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Meet Alex Hennings

Alex received a scholarship to complete his Bachelor's in Accounting from Deloitte in 2011. Having obtained his Master's degree and CPA designation simultaneously, Alex has been with the Audit team since September 2016.

What is your chosen career path? How did you choose this career?

My chosen career path is Auditing. Throughout my life I have always had an interest in the business world. This coupled with my liking of numbers lead me to accounting. During my university studies, I developed a keen interest in auditing and my internships have confirmed it was the right choice for me.

What have you gained from your internships with Deloitte?

I have been fortunate to have had five internships with Deloitte; four summers and one busy season. During this time I have grown professionally and gained valuable experience for my future career. They have all been rewarding, but my busy season internship has given me the most insight into working in the auditing department and I was able to further develop my skills for handling a heavy workload.

What have you enjoyed most about your internships with Deloitte? 

There have been many aspects to my internships that I have enjoyed, but the standout feature for me has been the working environment at Deloitte. From my very first internship in high school, they took the time to help me feel comfortable and give me appropriate but challenging work. As time went on, the level of work and responsibility has grown and I truly feel like a valuable part of the Deloitte team.

What attracted you to Deloitte?

During my research into jobs back in high school, Deloitte was always a standout firm due its prestige and high quality of services. And I am happy to say that my internship experiences have only confirmed this belief.

What truly set Deloitte apart for me was when I reached out to the firm, one of the partners took the time to meet with me and discuss an Audit career. I will always remember how valuable that was for me, and Deloitte is the type of firm where I can one day be in the position to do the same.

What key skills do you feel you have developed through your internship(s)?

I have developed a myriad of skills during my internships at Deloitte. To be successful at a firm like Deloitte, it is necessary to have excellent communication and organizational skills. I have always had them at some level, but my experiences with Deloitte has caused them to grow exponentially. I would also say I am now a much more confident person because of my time with Deloitte. Deloitte has the type of environment where managers entrust you with work and want your input, and this fosters that type of growth.

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Alex's advice for students interested in the Deloitte Exclusive Experience Program:

"It is a great opportunity for anyone with an interest in the accounting or business field. Have the outlook that what you will be doing will only help you succeed in the future, and apply yourself to the best of your abilities."