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Living and working in the Cayman Islands

Life in the Caribbean

Located in the Western Caribbean Sea, a mere hour and a half flight from Miami, the Cayman Islands are an overseas British territory that boasts a year round tropical climate, attractive beaches, and numerous natural wonders.

At 76 square miles and with a population of 54,000, Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands. Stretching alongside the Western coast are miles of white sands including the famous Seven Mile Beach, often ranked as one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. The island offers an abundance of tourist attractions, including Stingray City, which allows visitors to swim and interact with the sea creatures. When not enjoying the beach, one can appreciate the island’s exquisite dining and shopping experience provided in both the capital, George Town as well as the newest urban center, Camana Bay.

When you are not hard at work at Deloitte Cayman, Grand Cayman offers a diverse range of activities. The obvious attraction in Cayman is diving, with some of the clearest waters and amazing sea life.   The major sport is football (known as soccer in the U.S.) however the island has a large rugby club, squash and tennis clubs, cricket clubs, hockey club and even indoor roller ball hockey. The island also has an excellent professional sports complex which has a large field and track as well as a swimming pool. For those that really enjoy extreme sports, the island has a very strong triathlon and various running and cycling clubs.  

Grand Cayman’s importance as an international financial center cannot be overlooked; ranked the fifth largest in the world, the island has 250 licensed banks, 16 of which primarily make offshore transactions. Financial service sector generates 36% of the total employment. Its status as a financial center is also indicative of the fact that unlike many other Caribbean islands, it is highly affluent with low crime rates. Grand Cayman’s currency is fixed to the U.S. dollar at US$1.25 to CI$1.00, and more importantly the island has no income tax or direct taxation.

Those in search of more adventure will likely find it in the more dramatic landscape of Cayman Brac. Only a thirty minute flight from Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, at roughly half the length of the former, has some of the most prominent terrain in the islands. Visitors will enjoy the impressive 140 ft bluff and exotic hiking trails. Little Cayman, which is the smallest of the islands at ten miles long, offers an unforgettable snorkeling and diving experience with famed locations such as Bloody Bay Wall.

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