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Nikita Jankie shares her perspectives

Deloitte Trinidad's alumni | Career Journeys

Through this feature series, we follow the career journeys of Deloitte alumni who continue to make an impact–as well as stories of alumni whose career journeys brought them back to Deloitte.

1. When were you at Deloitte and what was your role?

I started Deloitte in 2012 as an intern for the BPS Department, I remained in the same department for 7 years where I became Senior Associate.

2. Tell us about the company you work for now and your position.

I am currently an Accountant for the Courtyard by Marriott Port of Spain.

3. What do you think is unique about working in Deloitte compared to other places you have worked at?

The great thing about working at Deloitte Trinidad is that professional growth and exceptional client service are acknowledged. The aim is always to foster professional development within and beyond Deloitte. There's also a host of opportunities to gain international business skills and build relationships with colleagues around the world.

4. What skills or knowledge did you take from Deloitte that you use today?

Practical: In the accounting field there is always a lot of work to get done and deadlines to meet therefore I learnt how to multi task and prioritize to get the job done efficiently.

Staff Management: I had to work with different personalities along the way and I learnt how to coordinate with staff, colleagues and management to ensure the successful end product.

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in your career so far?

The biggest lesson I have learnt is prioritizing and time management: there are always going to be accounting deadlines, however, during the day other matters may arise (staff meetings, management meetings, other deadlines, personal life) therefore learning how to prioritize and managing time properly plays a huge part in completing all tasks at hand. 

6. As an alumna of Deloitte, how have you stayed connected to the firm?

Over the years at Deloitte, I have developed friendships with colleagues who would still keep me up to date. Also, they still feel comfortable to ask me for advice and vice versa I also keep contact with management if I need professional advice. In addition, I follow Deloitte on social media (Facebook/LinkedIn) and it keeps me connected to what is happening with the firm.

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