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Estina Francis shares her perspectives

Deloitte Bermuda's alumni | Career Journeys

Through this feature series, we follow the career journeys of Deloitte alumni who continue to make an impact–as well as stories of alumni whose career journeys brought them back to Deloitte.

1. When were you at Deloitte and what was your role?

I began my journey with Deloitte in 2009 as a DEEP intern, and returned as a full time Associate in the Audit—Alternative Investments department in 2010. I remained with the same team for another 9 years, with my last role being a Senior Manager.

2. Tell us about the company you work for now and your position.

I now work at the Bermuda Monetary Authority as a Principal in the Banking, Trust, Corporate Services, and Investments department.

3. What do you think is unique about working in Deloitte compared to other places you have worked at?

I’ve always said, to this day, that the people are what makes Deloitte special. I had never experienced being in a setting where so much was invested in my professional and personal development. Whether it was through receiving and facilitating training, travelling for client meetings, being promoted to new roles or assigned to challenging projects, there was never a time when I was denied an opportunity to learn and grow. I will forever attribute who I am as a professional to my experiences at Deloitte.

4. What skills or knowledge did you take from Deloitte that you use today?

The insights from Deloitte’s Business Chemistry tool have helped me tremendously in transitioning into a new role with a new team of people. Understanding individuals and how to best work with them in a way that produces a more efficient team has been invaluable. My foundation as an auditor was the perfect stepping stone for moving into regulation because the concepts are fundamentally the same, and we’re simply viewing entities with different perspectives and objectives. Some of the crucial skills I use are having an ability to adapt and think on my feet in any given situation; and knowing how to interpret and apply the rules that govern entities in various industries.

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in your career so far?

Only I can define success and decide what is best for me in the long run. These were things I often left up to chance, or looked to others to decide for me. Ultimately, I learned that my career is forever evolving. While it might not look exactly how I envisioned 10 years ago, my core values and purpose remain the same. The opportunities are endless when you take the limits off of what you believe success to be.

6. As an alumna of Deloitte, how have you stayed connected to the firm?

Again, this goes back to the people of Deloitte. The friendships and business relationships that I’ve forged with those I worked closely with still remain.

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