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Meet Tamarah Margolis

Manager, Audit & Assurance

"Deloitte Cayman Islands has allowed me the ability to make a conscious effort on achieving a sustainable work-life balance."

Position :- Manager

Department :- Audit & Assurance

Professional Qualifications :-  CA(SA) (Chartered Account) from the  South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

Date that you joined Deloitte :- January 2020

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Tamarah's Deloitte experience

How would you describe your Talent Experience working at Deloitte?

Inclusion: Since joining Deloitte Cayman Islands in January 2020, I was able to join numerous committees including Well-Being, Social, Community Ambassador Team (CAT) and the Brand Ambassador Committees. The purpose of joining all these committees was to be able to be involved and organize various initiatives in the office that focused on different causes. Being a part of so many committees allowed me to meet new people within the office that I don’t usually interact with, while feeling included and part of a bigger team. 

Well-being: I volunteered to be a member of the well-being committee soon after I joined the Deloitte Cayman Islands office. The well-being committee aims to focus on numerous aspects of your well being including mind, body and purpose. I have been able to fulfil these elements within myself through the activities they offer. This includes running and swim races, motivational talks from professional speakers and much more. I had the privilege of organizing the “Moving the Dot” campaign with two other Committee Members during the COVID-19 pandemic which was a 6 week program that focused on engaging fellow colleagues to remain active during the ‘Work from Home’ period.

Flexibility: Deloitte Cayman Islands has allowed me the ability to make a conscious effort on achieving a sustainable work-life balance. Even though the job we do can be stressful and we are required to work long hours, the various committees and events that are organized for us to attend allows me to focus on all elements that will assist me in achieving the work-life balance I need to perform at my most optimum level.

How do you connect your personal purpose to Deloitte’s purpose?

As mentioned above, I enjoy being involved in different initiatives that will make an impact on both our people and the community. Deloitte Cayman Islands provides me with this platform by offering the committees and programs that they run. I enjoy being able to give back to the community and was allowed to do this by participating in and leading various Committee initiatives including our annual Earth Day Clean Up and Annual Beach walk in support of the Breast Cancer Foundation. My involvement in the Community Ambassador Team has allowed me to be a part of the Deloitte Impact Day along with many other great causes that benefit our community. 

What’s been the most interesting, challenging, or surprising about your role within Deloitte?

The most challenging factor about moving to the Caribbean & Bermuda Countries (“CBC”) region was adjusting to a completely different lifestyle in a completely different place. However, what surprised me was the ease of the transition as I always had the necessary support structure guiding me in the correct path.

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader?

I began my journey at Deloitte in 2016 in Durban South Africa where I completed my articles for 3 years. I then went on secondment with Deloitte to the UK and thereafter, made the move to Cayman Islands at the beginning of 2020. The past few years at Deloitte have definitely contributed to my development as a leader. I have been able to interact with so many different people over the past 5 years and have been exposed to different teams, scenarios and industries that have definitely contributed to my growth.

Why did you choose to work in Deloitte CBC region?

The prospect of travelling and learning more about the financial services industry really enticed me to apply and move to the CBC region. Furthermore, through following individuals on social media and conversations with friends that had moved to CBC, I knew it would align to my values. The fact that I love the beach and Cayman Islands offers some of the best beaches in the world, may have also been a contributing factor!