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Meet Francois Lamontagne

Partner - Assurance & Advisory, Enterprise Risk Services

Originally from Quebec, Francois' Deloitte career started in 1997 with Samson Belair, Deloitte & Touche in Quebec City, Canada. He then joined Deloitte in the British Virgin Islands in 2000 as an audit senior, later joining the Cayman Islands office as senior manager.

Francois' Deloitte experience

What is it that has kept you with Deloitte and growing in your career?

In the beginning, it was the opportunity to work in different countries; what has kept me focused and growing in my career is my desire to serve my clients well.

People often describe Deloitte as a unique place to work. What do you believe makes Deloitte distinctive in the marketplace?

The people, our culture, our global organization, the size of Deloitte, and our purpose of making an impact that matters.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Leadership and leading by example is what I enjoy the most about being a partner. Also, seeing our people go above and beyond for their colleagues, for themselves and for the firm.

What has been the ultimate highlight of your career thus far?

I have many milestones, but the ultimate highlight was being made partner. Another significant achievement that is more recent was to be a member of the Global Advisory Council under the former Deloitte Global CEO, Barry Salzberg.

In your role, where do you believe you've been able to deliver the most value and make an impact that matters?

I believe I deliver the most value with the people I work with. I desire to set a good example, have an open door policy and listen to what our people are going through, and try to help them where I can.

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