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Meet Drew Nicholls

Senior Manager, Financial Advisory

"Deloitte Cayman Islands has the feeling of a big firm, albeit one tempered by the backdrop of the small community in which the firm sits."



Drew's Deloitte experience

What sets Deloitte apart from other employers?

The people and challenging nature of the work. Deloitte is comprised of the best and brightest professionals from a diversity of backgrounds delivering innovative solutions of exceptional quality to asymmetric client challenges unique to the 21st century.  

What brought you back to Deloitte in the Cayman Islands?

The culture. Deloitte Cayman Islands has the feeling of a big firm, albeit one tempered by the backdrop of the small community in which the firm sits, and the vibrant Caymanian culture which the firm is inextricably linked.  

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader?

Deloitte has invested in me as a leader through training, which has equipped me with the necessary skills to be a leader, and opportunities, by placing me in challenging roles designed to enhance my leadership skills. 

What’s been the most interesting, challenging, or surprising about your role within Deloitte? 

The surprising lengths to which people will go to plan, perpetrate and attempt to conceal their transgressions. During my years of performing investigations on behalf of Deloitte clients, my teams have uncovered bribes paid to government officials in Asia, Brazil, Mexico and Eastern Europe, ghost sales through fake brick and mortar stores in China, theft of lucrative businesses in the Caribbean and the Middle East to name a few. The issues uncovered caused many businesses considerable harm. For a few, the harm was irreputable. The motivations of those ran the gamut from ego to greed. However, many simply saw an opportunity and exploited it. In one case, the suspects behavior was completely inexplicable. In short, my career at Deloitte has been a fascinating journey into the human psyche.  

How do you connect your personal purpose to Deloitte’s purpose?

Whatever one does, applied consistently, produces outsized results. My purpose is to simply be and do my best in each facet of my life. This philosophy, is not unlike Deloitte’s purpose; whether applied to people, clients and/or the community, the outcome produces an impact that matters and, over time, the impact grows in significance. 

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Position: Senior Manager

Department: Financial Advisory

Professional Qualifications: Juris Doctor Degree and a Masters in Law (LLM)

Date that you joined Deloitte: 

 - Worked at the Dallas Office from July 2012

 - Started at Deloitte Cayman Islands in December 2018