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Tamarah Margolis on Community and Wellbeing

Tamarah is Co-Chair of the Community Ambassadors Team, Champion of our Community drives, and Well-being Committee member.

Our purpose - to make an impact that matters - guides us in how we support our clients, our people, our communities and our planet.

Hear how Tamarah is making an impact that matters!

In the past few years I have entered numerous walking and running challenges to improve my fitness. Despite one of the primary reasons for doing so was to remain active, the underlying causes that the races were supporting, continued to motivate me as I was contributing to society, while improving my health. 

As I moved from South Africa to the Cayman Islands at the beginning of 2020, I was grateful to know that I would be able to continue with these challenges. Having just arrived to the island, I joined the Well-being Committee, and was also able to complete the “Nationwide Stride Against Cancer” run held in January, where the proceeds were used to help the community. 

In FY21, I officially became Co-Chair of the firm’s Community Ambassadors Team, where I champion our Community pillar. In this role I have the privilege of organizing several teams of Deloitte employees to partake in annual and ad-hoc health awareness and community support drives on behalf of the firm, like ‘Light Up the Night Beach Walk’. The walk is held annually to raise awareness and funds to help breast cancer patients and families. Although the night revolves around bright pink balloons and neon glow sticks, the main reason I was interested, was because of the cause that it supported and the contribution that we, as a firm, were able to make to the Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation.

- Tamarah Margolis, Manager, Audit & Assurance

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Cayman Islands Breast Cancer Foundation

The Breast Cancer Foundation works diligently in raising awareness and providing local practitioners with the training, skill, and medical equipment to be able to help breast cancer patients in the best way possible.